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      2016 Year in Review

      Chloe finished out her 2016 Obedience Trial season today. Not the best classes she’s had, not the worst either. Good enough for a Utility 2nd but just missed the placements in Open.
      So her 2016 accomplishments are 4 UD legs (and the UD), 15 UDX legs (UDX plus 1/2 way to UDX2), OM1, and as of today, OM2. 3 Open B 1st placements, and as of today 25 OTCH points. Not a bad year at all! Love this dog!

      Cookie (Jamrah’s Legally Blonde, BN) 6/4/2015
      Sassy (Jamrah’s Blonde Ambition, BN) 6/4/2015

      Chloe (HIT HC Windsong’s Femme Fatale, UDX4, OM5) 6/7/2009

      Scully (Coventry's Truth Is Out There, UD, RN) 4/4/1996 - 6/30/2011
      Our foster Jolie (UCh Windsong’s Genuine Risk, CDX, WC) 5/26/1999 - 3/2/2014
      and Mulder (Coventry’s I Want to Believe, UD, VER, WC, RN) 5/26/1999 - 4/20/2015

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      What a great year!

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      Take pride in all the hard work BOTH of you put into this. I've very quickly learned competative dog sports are a true team effort.

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      wow, thats REALLY impressive! esp with the 2 babies you've also been working with!
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      Scout CD RAE6 WC March 6, 2007; Tullemore Browning Superposed PCD RN RI "Trigger" Nov 11, 2016
      Castelleja's Dual Mags "Mags" March 1993 - March 2008
      "Pocco" the chocolate wonder August 1993 - December 2007

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