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      Took all 3 dogs to a large match today. Funny story

      They were running 6 rings in two rooms. One room had 4 rings and a few crates, the other was the main crating area and had two rings off to the side. As you can imagine there were TONS of people there. I thought it would be good for the youngsters to be at a trial-like environment - first time we’ve managed that indoors.

      We were set up in the main crating area, I had two crates and was playing musical Labs in them depending on who was in what ring where. At one point I had put the youngsters in the crates and was in the other room warming Chloe up for a Utility run and I hear someone call my name and ask if one of my yellows was named Sassy. I called back “Yes, why?” and they said because she’s standing right here. I was like WHAT???????

      She had escaped from her crate and wandered around looking for me. My usually timid girl, who is often afraid of other dogs and occasionally people was apparently wandering around the main crating area wagging her tail and looking perfectly fine according to multiple witnesses. People, dogs, and commotion everywhere and she could have cared less. Someone had eventually grabbed a leash and called her over and she willingly went over to be leashed up while they went to look for her owner. Other people said that she was really cute because people were reading her tag that says Sassy and saying things like “Who has a Sassy” and whenever she heard her name she’d look up and start smiling and wagging at them.

      She had gotten out of that crate once when she was younger, but I don’t usually use it with them (it’s mostly Chloe’s - theirs are a different style) so forgot that I need to better secure the zipper. I think she hooks her nail in it and pulls it down, opening it.

      This could have gone horribly wrong, but it didn’t, so I can laugh at her!

      Cookie (Jamrah’s Legally Blonde, BN) 6/4/2015
      Sassy (Jamrah’s Blonde Ambition, BN) 6/4/2015

      Chloe (HIT HC Windsong’s Femme Fatale, UDX3, OM5) 6/7/2009

      Scully (Coventry's Truth Is Out There, UD, RN) 4/4/1996 - 6/30/2011
      Our foster Jolie (UCh Windsong’s Genuine Risk, CDX, WC) 5/26/1999 - 3/2/2014
      and Mulder (Coventry’s I Want to Believe, UD, VER, WC, RN) 5/26/1999 - 4/20/2015

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      Sassy you are such a smarty pants!!!

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      Sassy, living up to her name!
      Miss Kimber, CGC, 6/15/2005-1/26/18

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      I can just picture her looking around "Hey, have you seen my Mom? She's around here somewhere." Thanks for sharing. Made me smile.

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      Sassy looking for her turn at fun.

      Yes, it could have gone but with all those dog people there, I think she was pretty safe.
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      haha, silly Sassy! glad it was all in all a positive experience for her though! good for her confidence to explore like that

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      Such a "SASSY" girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      Mike and Gabe--GOTCHA 7/25/2011

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      whew, good ending, and it seems a good experience for Sassy! heart failure there for a minute though i bet. So nice to hear reports of good behaviour, and her being comfortable in the hustle and bustle!
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