Dinner Drill - YouTube

Hubby fed the dogs while I was trying to set up the shot. Usually we do this routine for meals when Rocket Dog is really frantic and beside herself. But we had to settle for dog treats for the purposes of the video.

Our main job right now is to work on SIT with distractions. I know... very, very basic and tedious stuff. Rocket Dog is so very capable and smart and well schooled on pretty advanced retriever stuff, but it don't mean nothing right now because she can't be trusted to stay at my side while the birds are going down.

SO... for the most part we are working our way through Bill Hillmann's Traffic Cop. Which means we don't spend a lot of time on drills. But, it's still important for her to move with me on line. Consequently, we make dinner time a heeling heel-here/push-pull kind of drill. Here we are

This looks cute and trivial. But notice she has to run past some nearby treats in order to pick up the one to which she's directed. Also note that she is self-correcting, putting herself in proper heel position (her nose next to my toes.) And, it's done without any e-collar. She's just having fun.

And, finally, ignore the fact that my fat butt is necessarily the most prominent feature of the whole video. Just watch the dog.