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      Quote Originally Posted by JenC View Post
      I find 1 year old is too young to expect a lab to be out of its crate and not chew. Not unheard of, but rare. Just crate the dog. Better than them chewing your house up or choking on something when you aren't there. I still crate one of my 9 year olds and my 6 year old.
      Lol, yea, wishful thinking on my part

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      I can't remember any of our current dogs tearing things up. Maybe I'm just blocking that part out, but... no... I don't think they ever have done that. I can ALWAYS trust all of my dogs COMPLETELY... to get into anything they think is edible. That's why I have to contain mine.

      Mine don't even particularly seem to like just chewing on "chew toys". If it's not being thrown for them, they aren't interested. If it's not edible... they aren't interested.

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      Chewing wasn't too much of an issue for me. BUT Rocky was crated on and off until at least 4! Because he would do ANYTHING to get into food. Any error in dog proofing and he was in there. He once jumped on the counter to get the cocoa from the top cupboard :P and my sweater/pant pockets were chewed thru (i would put treats in them to train, even if there was no treat left there was often a crumb...)

      Penny was never a chewer of things. But if she had too much space she would pee :P I found something that worked for her. She was crated longer than needed because dogs get a kong when I leave and I am pretty nervous about leaving two dogs together with a special treat. But we got there after awhile.

      I had a foster break a brand new DSLR camera. I cried. oh how I cried. $2000 and purchased a week or two earlier. Luckily the camera shop was able to fix it; so only the lense needed to be replaced (still an expensive lesson). It's a good thing I loved that foster dog :P

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