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      Janice Gunn Obedience Camp

      The boys and I took a trip up to Canada to attend Janice Gunn's (TNT Kennels) annual obedience camp. We had a working spot for the three-day seminar held on her beautiful property. Janice has multiple OTCh dogs (Labs and Goldens - they also have MHs, which her husband does with them) with 200s and HITs up and down the west coast. Her current youngster is a Golden. He is 2.5 with a UD and a MH, working on his OTCH. She works with IPO trainers (Forrest Mickey) as well as progressive trainers (Ken Ramirez of Karen Pryor) and, of course, other obedience trainers. I love that she keeps up on new and innovative training methods, always learning and applying those things to her training. She crossed over several years ago with one of her Goldens, and no long uses collar pops, prongs, corrections, etc. with her dogs, which helps maintain that joy and energy in the ring. She trains with a TON of energy herself (I was worn out just watching her) and has worked with a lot of sensitive high drive dogs as well, where the lack of corrections helps train these dogs but not squash their drive. Her dogs love to work!

      The heeling she has is amazing and those who have worked with her have really nice heeling as well. Even the Newfies! So, I got a ton out of that as heeling has been our toughest exercise. We played some fun training games and we worked on my dog's articles (for Utility). Articles are so touchy for some dogs, including mine. He's great at it, but if he can't think for some reason (stress, usually), it's really hard since it's a thinking exercise. There has to be clarity, but also you cannot squash their confidence, and I needed help on balancing it. He did about 8 articles and made one mistake, so I was happy with him, especially in a tough seminar environment.

      We rented an AirBNB that happened to be just a three minute drive from the seminar site. Lucky me! It was a nice place on a farm, a separate home, with a fenced in quarter of an acre. The grass was still lush and green up there and the boys spent a lot of time rolling around in it and eating it and laying in it to cool off. They were so good on the long drive up and back and I never heard a peep from them. On the way home, since there was zero traffic, we detoured to the coast and spent some time on the beach where it was only 62 degrees before heading home to dry and 100 degree weather. Ick!

      If you are into competitive obedience, I highly recommend attending if you can! Just know that working spots fill up in about 48 hours.

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      This is definitely a bucket list thing for me. So cool that you got to go!

      I wish she traveled more for seminars. I'd love to attend if it was a bit closer to home.

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