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      These boys are keeping me busy!

      Just thought I'd check in and give an update as to what my boys have been up to. Plus a few random pics!!

      Bertz, my little wonder dog who can do ANYTHING, just turned 2 and has been training hard for field, obedience and agility. He's a lot of dog but is a blast to work with! He's now got two agility trials under his belt and I've been running him in informal field trials all winter (the cool part of living in MN is there are a lot of them around and they draw a large entry as we have a ton if test/trial dogs up here). We are probably done with agility for the summer and will focus on field training and some obedience. Its tough getting everything done!

      And Indy...I'm so excited to have a performance update for Indy. He has had a rough few years with so many health issues but he loves to work. Recently our rehab efforts have really paid off, he is feeling and moving great! My goals for him have shifted. I just want him to feel great and enjoy his work. I decided that the new preferred classes (same class, half the jump height) would be perfect for him. Very happy to say he earned his PCDX in 3 trials and also earned his first preferred Utility leg on his first time out! This dog has an amazing heart, it's apparent to anyone who watches him work. I'm over the moon excited to have him back at my side and working towards a new goal. Love this special dog. We'll keep playing in the preferred classes and see where it takes us.

      I hope everyone is enjoying their pups. Would love updates to see what everyone is up to.


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      I'm so happy to hear from you, especially how well Indy is doing. You really went through everything for him and I'm awfully happy to hear that he's back to what you both love. I'm glad to hear about Bertz also, but I don't feel like we know him as well. Thanks for letting us know how things are going for you all!

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      Congratulations! Any kind of events you both do together are so much fun.
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