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  1. Teaching "hold it"
  2. spooked and afraid
  3. Barking at neighbor's grandkids
  4. STILL very noisy in the car. Tried everything
  5. Hush!!!
  6. Trainer vs. "Big Box Store" Training
  7. Uninteded Training
  8. Therapy Dogs
  9. Reactivity: Training vs. Management
  10. Discouraging the lick while teaching "touch"
  11. New Wife's Male Rescue Dog Showing Aggression Toward My 3 Female Labs
  12. "Pawzy"
  13. Aggression?
  14. Quiet dog - face wrap. Have you seen this for barking ?
  15. Sniff-sniff-sniff...
  16. Lab puppy pulling other pet dog's ears
  17. Front clip sensation collar?
  18. Introducing clicker training to a verbal marker trained dog
  19. Easy Walk Chest Harness Thoughts
  20. Water time
  21. New rescue marking rugs - how to train not to?
  22. Crating older dog: I hope I didn't blow it
  23. What do you do when your dog doesn't come as called?
  24. Rattlesnake Aversion Training-Again
  25. OMG Thank You For The Snake Training!
  26. alert barking at people
  27. "Leash aggression"
  28. Needy and disinterested behavior
  29. Meeting a new dog
  30. Teaching place
  31. Force fetch
  32. 4 year old former apartment dweller won't pee in new backyard
  33. Teaching ~2 yr old dog to signal potty time
  34. 1yr old is rude and an "alligator"
  35. Teaching my newly adopted 2 y.o. Lab mix (Zach) to retrieve
  36. The Pulling
  37. Tricks class
  38. How to correctly and safely use a prong?
  39. Older dog training puppy
  40. New yard, won't pee
  41. New sitter, new aggression
  42. Best way to introduce a New puppy with our existing cats
  43. Greeting people
  44. Whining at night
  45. The marking has begun...
  46. An Ah-hah moment
  47. Question about playing. When should I intervene, when should I just let them be?
  48. Off leash training (Shock collar, socializing, and hiding from her)
  49. Interesting dog study -- effectiveness praise vs. food rewards
  50. Fixing a 3/4 Fetch
  51. Barking issues
  52. "down"
  53. Remind me about crate training tips, please!
  54. Leash Training my rescued 2 yr old black lab
  55. TEAM REV MOW and GO
  56. What to do about puppy running away with unwanted item
  57. Give me some ideas...
  58. Recall!!!!!!
  59. Went with a gentle lead today...
  60. Anyone with an American Bulldog?
  61. She refuses the use the ramp
  62. Treats In Pocket
  63. 14 Weeks, Barking in Crate
  64. Toy possessive
  65. Is it fetch or chase?
  66. Nosework question
  67. Can you please give me some advise on how to train my new lab pup?
  68. Is it bad to let a 2 month old lab to sleep in my bed next to me?
  69. Strategy to go Off leash
  70. Crate and Playpen question
  71. New Puppy Question
  72. My lab is 4 months and still potties inside alot. Should I be worried?
  73. Two Dog Tether
  74. Reactive Dog Headaches!
  75. Encounter in the Park
  76. 7 month old; chewing and humping
  77. Growling/Barking at One Person
  78. 12 month old makes game out of home time
  79. Tips!
  80. Tough Question
  81. how to get ridiculed by neighbor (was tough question)
  82. E Collar and Moppy ?
  83. Hates running on leash
  84. Steady???
  85. Focus in distraction
  86. Rattlesnakes-Buddy did it again.
  87. Muzzle...not to stop barking, but...
  88. 5 yo English Lab
  89. Best way to introduce a puppy to swimming/water
  90. Aggressive 3.5 year old towards strangers
  91. 1 year old male lab agressive to submissive dogs
  92. Stubborn puppy
  93. These two are driving me nuts!
  94. Bell training your dog
  95. Excellent article on doggy adolescence!
  96. Rescued pup is growling at people - help!
  97. My lab wont listen or even look at me when there are guests in my house
  98. Zen Training (for lack of a better term)
  99. 14 mth old male can't hold his urine longer than 4 hours. Please help!!
  100. Separation Anxiety
  101. Board & Train Programs
  102. Bean bags
  103. Crazy when visitors come over
  104. Is this normal
  105. Bitey face with mom
  106. Advice on brushing
  107. Acts like Cujo when people come to the door
  108. Training Collar Alternative
  109. New job and dog issues
  110. Bitey Mouth
  111. Help with pulling
  112. Food Guarding
  113. Working Their Brain (Mental Exercise)
  114. Help! My dog is OVERLY attached!!
  115. Early Transformational Training
  116. Apparently PetCo is not where all the pets go.
  117. There's heeling... then there's HEELING-heeling.
  118. How do you choose which training to pursue?
  119. Maintating training through the teenage phase
  120. 7mo old biting hands/arms when greeting and pulling on leash
  121. Teaching to hike without a lead
  122. So I hired a trainer...
  123. Selective hearing
  124. Criteria for choosing a trainer
  125. Had a training session today...
  126. Prey drive
  127. Should I discourage pup from biting his brother?
  128. Free Ian Dunbar training Webinar Tomorrow Th Match 1
  129. Training for a mobility scooter.
  130. Training to Retrieve
  131. 4 yr old responding poorly to other dogs on leashes
  132. 1yr 4mo old black lab doesn't come and is still mouthy when meeting people
  133. Calling moms: Introducing a baby to the home tips
  134. Teddy and puberty
  135. Nervousness and Rally
  136. What to do about the humping??
  137. Crazy 10 Year Old
  138. Fear of people (and noises)
  139. Dog Door - Need Them to Come Back In!
  140. Whistle Advice
  141. E collars
  142. Hmm, I call Luna and she looks at me, like "yea right" and then back to digging.....
  143. Starting And Ending
  144. Tracking Class
  145. Rushing waters
  146. The Connection
  147. I Need Help:. Asher obsessed with Counter
  148. Soft dog crate
  149. Ovie is peeing on Georgia
  150. Crate training
  151. What to do with a puppy when-------
  152. Anxiety Attacks