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  1. Scenting
  2. New Champion (still unofficial)
  3. Janice Gunn hosting Denise Fenzi in Vancouver, BC
  4. Brooks first show and go
  5. First Trial Weekend
  6. Westminster Obedience
  7. This is a good read and is relevant to ALL performance events
  8. My friendís Westminster freestyle
  9. Tickle finally won some POINTS!!
  10. Why I like dog shows, LOL
  11. Training multiple dogs
  12. Really good article on show/field split sporting breeds...
  13. Sophie got her....
  14. Took all 3 dogs to a large match today. Funny story
  15. Got it!
  16. American Cocker goes BIS at Cruft's
  17. Always one of the highlights of Cruft's
  18. Good day for Chloe today!
  19. Brooks and I
  20. New Title
  21. Labs RULE!
  22. Tickle's win photo
  23. Please critique this Lab's conformation...
  24. Is anyone going to Potomac next week?
  25. Getting frustrated
  26. Update on Chloe and her sit-stay. Against my trainerís advice, I decided to let her
  27. Potomac Summary for Chloe
  28. Give me your interpretation.
  29. Back in the saddle again?
  30. Ettiquette question
  31. NQ
  32. Barry wasnít kidding about the ticks at the dog show!
  33. Chloeís win pic from Potomac
  34. Tickle Report
  35. Tickle's Official WIN photo
  36. Our training center had open training today because
  37. Beginner Novice Trial Number 2
  38. Well, that worked out unexpectedly
  39. Back from the seminar
  40. Preferred vs Regular
  41. Talk to me about agility
  42. Off to Camp!
  43. The LRC just came out with the list of the top 25 Labs in Obedience for 2016
  44. Back from Fenzi Dog Training Camp!
  45. You gotta work for those dog biscuits, baby!
  46. Can't leave my Lab out without something being destroyed!!!
  47. First Agility Sequence!
  48. Our 3rd obedience show
  49. Sometimes you win.....
  50. Open & Utility Problem Solving
  51. Top Labs from the 90's and 2000's
  52. Tickle Brag
  53. How much exercise is enough?
  54. Beginner Novice Trial Number 5
  55. Labrapalooza: Lab Clubs National Specialty in October, CT
  56. Labrapalooza: Lab Clubs National Specialty in October, CT
  57. Kanzi got mail on Saturday!
  58. Iím a glutton for punishment
  59. Damn friendly Labradors!
  60. They finally came out with the proposed changes to Obedience
  61. So I did it. Entered Nationals.
  62. No Love for Tickle :(
  63. First Rally Trial
  64. Back from Lab Nationals!
  65. Today at the show and go......
  66. I have a question about Obedience Classes.
  67. New "nurse" in the house! ;)
  68. More questions about novice obedience.
  69. Just for fun - Team Obedience at Lab Nationals
  70. And for more fun, video of Cookie and Chloe doing Brace Obedience
  71. Salisbury, Maryland
  72. Stress...
  73. Day 1 at Salisbury
  74. Day 2 at Salisbury
  75. Day 3 at Salisbury
  76. CHAMPION Tickle!
  77. New AKC Trick Dog in town
  78. 2017 recap and 2018 goals
  79. CGCA and TKN!! x2
  80. Puppy size and conformation
  81. Great day for Labs at the Obedience Trial today!
  82. Not sure if this is a big deal or not
  83. Crap
  84. Quick obedience brag
  85. Rally Intermediate
  86. Gundog Group Judging - Crufts 2018
  87. New Title
  88. First Novice A
  89. Finally...back in the obedience ring
  90. The other side of the clipboard
  91. Non Puppy Breeder Dog Placements
  92. We finished our UD :D
  93. Finished our CD today!
  94. Tried the new Open exercises at a trial today
  95. Jack got some Q's
  96. Good weekend
  97. Rally Advanced Title
  98. NQ in Novice "A"
  99. Free Denise Fenzi Webinar (Obedience)
  100. Janice Gunn Obedience Camp
  101. Conformation question...
  102. Got it!
  103. She DID it!!!!!!
  104. Obedience weekend
  105. How did 2018 go and what are your 2019 Goals! Let's hear them!
  106. Fitness Foundation
  107. Started a new journey this weekend!
  108. It's not the dog
  109. A handler in the making
  110. Some pics from the show
  111. We're going to Westminster!
  112. New Title!
  113. We too started a new journey!
  114. Oh Yikes!
  115. Huge Honor!
  116. Our first Big A** ribbon!
  117. If anyone is interested in seeing Chloe's Westminster freestyle routine
  118. New title!
  119. Lab Nationals in Chino CA
  120. Agility Debut & New Title!
  121. It's been a long road
  122. New UDX!!
  123. Not a big deal considering but Chloe got a new title
  124. The challenges of running multiple dogs at the same Obedience trial
  125. Breed standard
  126. Getting started in Rally
  127. Diggity the dock diving dog