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  1. Latte and her Shuffle Mat
  2. Success!
  3. Brian is 6 months old today!
  4. How did you name your dog/pup?
  5. Happy Birthday Thor ❤️
  6. "put me in coach"
  7. Teaching them young
  8. Making sounds in their sleep...Is my faucet dripping? LOL
  9. My other 2 pups
  10. Dog Hair Sliver
  11. Finally - the next generation
  12. Archie Was Not Happy
  13. Caffeinated dog food...
  14. Kong treats
  15. A house without a dog is not a home
  16. Hoku's Hydrotherapy ft. Soft Dog
  17. Another snake thread!
  18. Deciphering health test clearences
  19. Busted!!
  20. How to communicate with breeders, what to ask and when?
  21. The results are in, not just a black dog mix anymore
  22. Sad News Today About Another Dog Walker
  23. Ice Storm and Potty concerns
  24. Weekend visitor
  25. People think of dogs as members of their families- but not cats
  26. Light colored versus dark colored
  27. Not so great Vet experience
  28. Boys, Birds, and Black Dogs
  29. Watch Jackson, the seeing eye dog, grow up- from his POV
  30. A Blog i follow of a Lab.
  31. Nose color
  32. A Dog's Purpose
  33. Second Floor Fire Safety For Labs Revisited
  34. It's official.
  35. Latte's New Backpack
  36. Deer Antler Recommendation
  37. My birthday picture
  38. Treatibles
  39. Training a Dog to Make Choices
  40. Fran is in surgery. I'm going to bed.
  41. Inappropriate Picture?
  42. New Dog Concerns
  43. Does your Lab sulk?
  44. English or American labs
  45. Meet Dew, the Lab who loves to go on Adventures
  46. Just the sweetest.
  47. Cat peeps, I need help.
  48. Update on Cassie 14 days post op
  49. Male vs Female
  50. K9 keg pull
  51. Another breeder question...
  52. Unfriendly Dog Encounter
  53. Is there a difference between a licensed kennel and a hobby breeder?
  54. Protective vest
  55. Coefficient of Inbreeding
  56. Single dog or multiple?
  57. Less Active During the Winter
  58. How pet-friendly is your workplace?
  59. "Cold Duck"
  60. Talk to me about therapy dogs
  61. Dog Walking on Snowmobile Trails
  62. What a sweet story about a dog
  63. Trazodone
  64. Somebody had a gotcha day today!
  65. You've Heard Raw Food Causes Aggression?
  66. Rottweiler tails?
  67. Winter swimming pictures
  68. Saturday outting.
  69. Dog Food Recall: Evanger Beef Hunks
  70. Does a laid back dog=couch potato?
  71. Things that make you go hmmm ...
  72. Good breeder near northern Illinois
  73. New Addition!!! Meet Haleigh!!
  74. The runt of the litter
  75. When is abuse really abuse?
  76. Alpha cats (among dogs)
  77. new car
  78. We committed to a puppy and I got a pic!
  79. Metal or wooden crate?
  80. Has anyone tried this for puppies?
  81. Kimber says NO to the water treadmill
  82. Donating to Shelter Dogs
  83. Medieval Dog history article
  84. My husband is getting a bit too excited...
  85. Doggie leg warmer
  86. Finally some decent pics of the dogs
  87. new lab puppy price?
  88. Coyotes
  89. Oban is Not Liking Having His Ears Cleaned
  90. Happy Birthday Sprockette!
  91. Westminster Kennel Club
  92. Jojo got to go to preschool today!
  93. This may be a silly question but...
  94. End the war on Labs!
  95. Gimme your funny dog pics!
  96. Dogs Need Mental Stimulation as Well as Exercise - REsearch Article Linked
  97. Dog Food Recall: Against the Grain
  98. Will breeders modify legs in their liters?
  99. Who's dog is this?
  100. WKC Masters Agility - Mia the Beagle
  101. Team Trad - heading north
  102. New rug for a new puppy?
  103. another puppy pic!
  104. Kids and the passing of a dog
  105. She's not allowed on the sofa...
  106. car anxiety
  107. Mocha is one smart Lab
  108. Gorgeous day today, and lots of water
  109. TRAD DAD - Update
  110. Lost Dog. Again. ARRGGGHHHH
  111. Take 2 ~ Gorgeous Day today and lots of water
  112. I Should be Getting a Bird Dog for This
  113. Great Orthopedic Bed
  114. Update on Cassie - 6 wks post op from TTA
  115. "da boyz"
  116. On the table or off?
  117. Sophie's litter sister
  118. Expanded Dog Food Recall: Evanger & Against the Grain
  119. Three Years ago today!
  120. Daddy's little helper.
  121. Purebread Dogs versus Inbread Dogs
  122. Cut nails of a aggressive dog
  123. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy/Galliprant
  124. Happy Birthday Jack!
  125. Escape artist
  126. We have a new city bylaw regarding collars.
  127. Dog Food Recall: Blue Buffalo
  128. Video ~ So this is what (an almost) 9 year old looks like!
  129. Eating your dogs treats?
  130. Puppy cuteness overload!
  131. Archie NO!
  132. Unique Walking Condtions
  133. I need your feedback!
  134. Spooky dream about Jules
  135. #2 Video ~ So this is what (an almost) 9 year old looks like!
  136. My Sunny became a blood donor
  137. Flea and Tick Preventative-Simparica or Bravecto
  138. What does anyone know about these people?
  139. West Paw Design sale
  140. Lifting harness
  141. I don't know what they use in Heartguard for flavoring...
  142. Suggest a name for the puppy
  143. Tick control for a puppy
  144. This picture is "Wistful Thinking"
  145. Anyone use dog car seat belts?
  146. This will bring a smile to your face!
  147. "Prangry"
  148. Big Barker dog bed
  149. What would happen if you rigged up a lab this way?
  150. Words you don't want to hear...
  151. Breeder contracts...
  152. Just Saved a Dog
  153. Keep an eye out for a new sporting group breed...
  154. Anyone attending the NJ dog show next weekend?
  155. 2 Dog Food Recalls: Wellness and Blue Buffalo
  156. Meet our new baby!
  157. Proud of Chloe
  158. Allergies to Spaniels?
  159. What is he mixed with?
  160. Two Dogs...
  161. Holy Moly! This puppy energy!
  162. Archie has an Instagram
  163. Bacon's Awesome Spring Snow Goose Hunt
  164. Training Archie
  165. Dog treat recall: MULTIPLE brands of pigs' ears
  166. Lake Berryessa pictures inside
  167. Looking for Breeder in Northern Ca or beyond for started pup
  168. Scout in for Surgery
  169. National Puppy Day
  170. Do puppies ever get tired?!
  171. Should I report to Humane Society?
  172. Great hunters
  173. Who's Ye Daddy?
  174. I am in shock
  175. A bit of a sad day
  176. OMG... this is a hysterically great song!
  177. Introducing new pointing breed
  178. What do you all use?
  179. Covering up dog scratches on wood?
  180. Naughty Trigger
  181. OMG finally!
  182. Goose Bumps!
  183. Wait! That's not a dog?!?
  184. A beautiful gift, portrait of my dogs
  185. Update on Cassie - 10 Weeks Post-op TTA
  186. Shipping a dog
  187. Good thoughts for Stella
  188. Safe lawn care alternatives?
  189. I <3 Puppy Feet
  190. Happy 6th Birthday
  191. Rescues - attention!
  192. Sorry, He's Not Usually On the Leash
  193. Archie's first outing
  194. Happy Birthday, Nikki!
  195. Hoku was attacked (she's Ok)
  196. Betta fish, I love them!
  197. Quite a journey
  198. Tower shoot 'trievers
  199. The (actual) scent of burnt toast
  200. How much did Kimber want to eat Gregor's food?
  201. peeing problem - 12 year old
  202. Stella's Orthopedic Visit
  203. Found two 'lost' labs
  204. Almost headed for the slammer!
  205. Loose skin - what is the purpose?
  206. Do your baby a favor... get a dog!
  207. Stella's Home!
  208. Your comfort or the dogs.
  209. dog glove
  210. Alternative Anatomy Chart
  211. What I did all winter.......
  212. Animal Rights Loons are trying rewrite and render moot the laws in almost all states.
  213. Ghost In The Grasslands
  214. Labs and Nesting Swans?
  215. Anthony is Home!
  216. Puppies and jumping off/over stuff
  217. 2 things I notice about dogs/Labs -- any others with the same things?
  218. Who was it that was interested in Clumber Spaniels?
  219. Happy 3rd Birthday Maverick!
  220. I have been busy!
  221. Kimber's Easter egg hunt
  222. Know anyone in the Portland, OR, area looking for a "Silver Lab"?
  223. Happy Easter Everyone!! Chocolate bunnies are the best!
  224. Justice for Ponce.
  225. Suisun City, CA Dog Friendly Lodging?
  226. Dog Food Recall: Party Animal "Cocolicious"
  227. How do you socialize your pup with other dogs?
  228. Puppies everywhere!
  229. These damn ticks!
  230. Big successful walk
  231. Is something wrong we cannot tell.
  232. I Like Your Dog so You Must be an OK Person :)
  233. The end of "purpose bred dogs."
  234. Article on Resource Guarding
  235. The Easter 'Bunnies' are growing!
  236. Jules #2
  237. Trad x maggie litter
  238. Trad X Maggie Litter
  239. Trad X Maggie Litter photo's
  240. Seeking Breeder Recommendations (Northern California)
  241. Help!!! The smell is killing me
  242. Moving
  243. Update on brother's puppy search
  244. Recycling The Shed
  245. Municipal Employee Anthony -Prince Spaghetti
  246. costco sale
  247. A Black Lab
  248. Cassie needs surgery
  249. Dried out Heartgard?
  250. Team Lexie 👍