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  1. Lap Spay Day
  2. What a difference a year makes!
  3. Field trail labs/Formula 1 labs
  4. HRH King Maxx in the Ocean
  5. Live On-Line Coaching Tonight - Recallers and Games of Choice
  6. Photo Contest
  7. Lifting leg on EVERYTHING
  8. My Apologies...
  9. Facebook users: Like Cookie, and help Cookie win!
  10. Days of Our Labs...tune in now
  11. A letter to God
  12. Absolutely Digusting...
  13. Chicken jerkey
  14. Trying to get out of the house for work....
  15. Burton's Birthday!
  16. A very happy 9th birthday to my Kimber girl!
  17. Looking to re-home a 2.5yo lab mix
  18. Bed Eating Lab
  19. Back From Dog Scout Camp 2014
  20. Small 10 pound fog questions
  21. Microchip Cost in Canada?
  22. Potty Training is over, Cleaning Carpets!
  23. Linus met his dad
  24. It's finished!!!
  25. Archie just ate...
  26. Just curious -- at what age does a breeder know a puppy is show material?
  27. What did I miss????
  28. Flea Bath Remedies?
  29. Car hammocks?
  30. Looking for play date .. Dog park didn't go so well
  31. Happy Birthday to my little Britt!
  32. Happy 1st gotcha day Aiko
  33. House is too quiet tonight
  34. maggie update- does anyone else give aspirin daily?
  35. Totally Annoyed With Vet
  36. Death
  37. Trash duty/ Opie, where you at?
  38. fidgetyknees!
  39. Balls? Oh. Those Balls
  40. Happy 10th Dakota!!!!!!
  41. New term for 'out of coat'
  42. The Kuranda bed - your evaluation
  43. Which is your dog's preference?
  44. Warmed my heart..
  45. MN Dog dies from swimming in algae poisoned lake
  46. Looking for 2nd dog - not Lab - early stages - thoughts?
  47. Dog Booties?
  48. Hemi and the 4th of July Fireworks
  49. Guess who is going to be a dock dog!!!!
  50. I don't think so, Sprockette...
  51. We win for the shortest stay
  52. We did it, rescued another
  53. Seat belt?
  54. Archie!
  55. Boarding Near Missoula Montana?
  56. Gotta brag about Murphy!!!
  57. No pull dog harness recomendations
  58. Happy 4th Of July
  59. Mocha's 4th of July party
  60. hey everyone
  61. Awesome doggy t-shirt
  62. Mocha's finished art work
  63. Love living in the country!
  64. Fluffy Girl cleaned up good
  65. Microchip annual renewal?
  66. Kimber gave me a scare!
  67. question for breeders
  68. Denied cat adoption due to intact dog.
  69. Taking your dog to Home Depot...
  70. Labs and Golden Retrievers - Family Friends??
  71. 22 dead
  72. Do you see your pups smaller than they are?
  73. Had Someone Asked About a Good No-Chafe Running Harness?
  74. The No-Pull Harness Debate
  75. Sharing a crate.
  76. Opie's all PACKED
  77. Maxxie is 15 years old today (check out party pix)
  78. Took Wyatt to the vet today
  79. Bo went swimming
  80. From Shelter To K9 Cop
  81. Hammer seems short....
  82. Time to change the hot tub water...and then...
  83. Another tag attachment question
  84. 5 yr. old eating photos...is his diet lacking?
  85. So upset
  86. Former Soldier Reunited with Bomb Dog, a Lab
  87. New Puppy?
  88. Much better today
  89. Archie is the life of the party
  90. Linus and Sam the "life-dogs"
  91. MOCHA is turning the big 1
  92. Raised Cots
  93. Archie Checkup
  94. Yucky infections!!
  95. Happy 8th Birthday, Cookie!
  96. Vacation!!!
  97. Finally
  98. going to the lake
  99. Excessive Barking
  100. Mocha's birthday pictures
  101. Mocha's birthday pictures 2.
  102. Mocha's birthday pictures 3
  103. Hannah and another UTI!
  104. Asking for help for a friend's dog.
  105. Evidence that joint supplements work?
  106. Will your dog wear a hat?
  107. Video of Lola swimming
  108. Some random questions
  109. Buying food at the store vs. online ~ One Woman's Experience
  110. Games with the Trachia
  111. Heartbreaking, yet beautiful at the same time
  112. A Penny Twin! Anyone near Elizabethtown NC?
  113. Tragic story, dog shot by police in Idaho
  114. Cone in the crate
  115. Poop management
  116. Ramp for car?
  117. poor little Gracie
  118. Sigh, Hemi, Expensive week and it's Tuesday.
  119. Not quite what he expected
  120. Vittle vaults
  121. We lost Zo inside the house.
  122. Does your dog dance?
  123. Can he make it to 16?
  124. Registered Name
  125. Mosquitoes
  126. Can you vote for Grizz?
  127. Finally found the Root of the problem
  128. Seizure Alert Dog
  129. Treat/Bone Anxiety?
  130. Apparently, "WE" left Gabby outside...
  131. My sister's lab has spleen cancer.
  132. How important is it that the vet staff is pleasant?
  133. I like this.
  134. Happy 11th B-Day my Sweet Miss Miya
  135. Will we ever get to let our dogs stop going in the kennel?
  136. Happy Birthday Maxx!!
  137. Excessive shedding
  138. Labrador hair and carpet - the stupidest method that... works :-)
  139. I'm Still Laughing
  140. unbelievable
  141. New Collars!
  142. Old, Cranky, and Tired of Irresponsible Dog Owners
  143. Introducing the new kitty to the dogs
  144. My daughter drew this after Georgia moved in.....
  145. I am quite peeved
  146. Happy 3rd Birthday Hemi!!!
  147. Super psyched!
  148. Best/safest car for a dog crate.
  149. Mocha and the Birdie
  150. I know 3 dogs is more than enough, but oh my heart wants one more.
  151. Guaranteed way to make your dog poop
  152. How often do you have to vacuum to stay ahead of the formation of dog hair tumbleweeds?
  153. Bully Horn opinions
  154. I guess that's behavioral, not physical.
  155. Gauge
  156. Happy 13th birthday buddy !
  157. Happy 13th birthday buddy !
  158. Cones! Such a downer
  159. Auggie says "Hey!"
  160. Going to adopt a cat - any tips please.
  161. Watch out for random apples...
  162. The joy of peanut butter
  163. Any experiences with the Clickit Utility car harness?
  164. Wish Bacon Luck this Weekend!
  165. Elbow calluses & eye kisses
  166. Fire Station Dogs
  167. No you can't meet my dog.
  168. What's your lab's very favorite thing to retrieve?
  169. TBGSAM's Bailey
  170. It's Vet Day For Cooper and Georgia
  171. I Know I Shouldn't Have Laughed
  172. Second Camping Trip!
  173. Happy Gothcha Day, Archie!
  174. I am skeptical, what do you guys think/know?
  175. HOORAY for Lincoln log!!! (and maggie too!)
  176. Dog Fence Collars
  177. Good thoughts for Archie?
  178. My Little Man is a BIG DOG
  179. Fun or possible torture ?
  180. Happy Gotcha Day, Mel!
  181. What am I thinking?!?!
  182. Dock Diving was a Success!!
  183. Is there a dog that looks like small lab?!
  184. Yellow Lab has body odor, please help!
  185. Crossing the Invisible Fence....for the right reasons
  186. What would you suggest?
  187. anyone else's dog sleep like the DEAD!?
  188. Off to the specialist for a rhinoscopy tonight...
  189. Good interactive / mentally stimulating toys??
  190. Ram vs. raccoon
  191. Good Program On Animal Planet
  192. Dog dreams
  193. backpack for lab
  194. What do you think your dog dreams?
  195. Garrus the Guardian
  196. Ram's BFF has gone to the bridge.
  197. AKC Community Canine
  198. Best dog park
  199. Bett and Nicole- this photo's for you
  200. Mozzie Didn't Eat the Hens!
  201. Backyard Bird Hunter
  202. Big boy
  203. 15 yearold Lab hot weather
  204. Boarding Kennel in Flagstaff or Page, Arizona?
  205. So frustrating!!!
  206. Collar colours
  207. Packing Peanut Caution
  208. Vibration and tone only E-collar
  209. Suggestions for car seat cover
  210. Boerboel breeder
  211. My baby all grown up!
  212. Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Kimber!
  213. Got the kiddie pool up for the old guy
  214. stim vs shock
  215. Facebook Group for Labs
  216. Exploding Kong!
  217. A happy ending...
  218. Jerks at the dog park
  219. Labbie meets a piggie
  220. Fran needs so much prompting!
  221. Do you take water for your dog(s) when you go out for a walk?
  222. Help with crate size for TPLO recovery.
  223. one cool dog:)
  224. Could I beg you to go vote?
  225. Do dogs need insect repellent?
  226. Testing new signature pic
  227. OMG I had fleas
  228. Happy Birthday, Bobby!
  229. Took Opie walking . . .08/09/2014
  230. The life of the Party!
  231. News of Koopa and his new little brother
  232. Hemi goes to dog scout camp weekend getaway
  233. Bitch in heat leaked A LOT this morning?!
  234. Happy 5th Birthday Bruno !
  235. Up sell vet
  236. What cute thing did your lab do today?
  237. 30 Dogs who have no idea of personal space
  238. Since I posted a pic of Chloe the other day, it's only fair to add one of Mulder
  239. Help Finding A Lab Shirt
  240. A Strange Good Deed
  241. 4 years ago today...
  242. HOTLR Dazzle has megaesophagus
  243. Help! Afraid in the stairwell
  244. Lola turned two today!
  245. Hah....of all people......
  246. Was I rude?
  247. A new dog job.
  248. collars
  249. Opie's a little confused . . .
  250. Like the taste of metal?