Not being able to stay logged in has been a problem since day one of operating the forum and generally happens when there is a full software upgrade.

Make sure you check the box underneath the login that says "Remember Me?" this goes a long way into helping you stay logged in. This is the first thing I would try and make sure of.

Make sure you are using the address www. lab-retriever . net with the www and not just lab-retriever .net. It appears to make a difference.

The forum software operates on setting a "cookie" through your browser. Cookie settings are generally found in your browsers Privacy Settings. If you have your browser set up to not accept cookies or have the security level (if it has one) too strict you will have problems staying logged in.

If you clear your cookies, browsing history and cache every time you close your browser you will have to login again and will potentially have problems. I generally clear history and cache and can stay logged in until I clear cookies.

I found some random things happen like logging in and the refreshing the screen a couple of times, or logging in and then clicking the logo on the top left and then it will show you as logged in or just trying it a few times over and over until it sticks.

People report having problems with specific browsers. I am using Chrome, FireFox and IE with no problems. I also have Safari on my iPhone and iPad running with no problems which makes me think it is in your cookie setting.

If you were a member before the last crash you and you don't clear your cookies ever you could have an old cookie confusing with the new one trying to set. Try clearing your cookies on your browser and then try logging in.

If you find a solution that is not listed here please reply as it will help others.