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    Thread: Advertisers

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      When it crosses my mind I try to link to external sites from which I might buy stuff through the banner ads on this lab board. Am I mistaken that you get some sort of bonus or credit if we do that? Anyway, if so, is there a way to find what advertisers participate because I'm not finding them today? I may see, for example, Amazon on a banner seemingly repeatedly for days on end but the moment I would like to use that link, it's no where to be found. Today I see a lot of Zappos, Talbots, Crest toothpaste, Easy Granola Recipe. I feel like sites I've looked at pop up more often in a slightly creepy Big Brother sort of way, but never when I want them to.


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      As I understand it, there is an arrangement with Amazon and the other vendors seen under Pet Supplies. I'm not sure about those whose banner shows up.

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      Any advertisement you see on the forum helps pay for the forums and the software maintenance and upgrades etc.

      I have this sticky in the FH where I post coupon and sales codes but I am terribly behind at the moment:
      Pet Shopping Coupons and Deals

      I also have the Pet Supplies link on the toolbar which I need to update as well:
      Online Pet Supply and Pet Products Shopping - Labrador Retriever Chatboard

      The other ads you see are tailored to things that you may be interested in or towards the content on the page. If you are reading a thread about air fairs then air adsa may show up. If you have been searching for a baby stroller on the web then those type of ads may show up.

      Looks like I need to do some spring cleaning on the ads pages.

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