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      May 2014
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      Who uses fish oil?

      For those who use fish oil which one do you use? and how much are you giving per day.

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      May 2014
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      I use Bravo fish oil and it's in a bottle with a traditional squirter. I do one squirt each meal.

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      emma_Dad (10-20-2014)

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      May 2014
      Belgrade, Serbia
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      When I used fish oil, I gave one tea-spoon per day.

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      emma_Dad (10-20-2014)

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      May 2014
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      I use Grizzly Salmon Oil. Tux has allergies so he gets four squirts a day. The others get two squirts a day. If you are mainly feeding grass fed red meat, that should be sufficient to provide all necessary omegas. However most people can't afford to feed that way all the time. I do feed a lot of wild game meat, but I still give fish oil at each meal just to make sure my bases are covered...IMO it doesn't hurt anything to do so and I'd rather be safe with making sure they are getting them. I also give Vitamin E capsules a few times a week.

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      emma_Dad (10-20-2014)

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      House Broken
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      Jun 2014
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      Lifeline wild salmon oil 2 teaspoons per meal so 4 a day.

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      May 2014
      SE, PA
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      I use Grizzly Salmon Oil, a good squirt with each meal, (twice per day). As mentioned.above, whatever fish oil you decide to use it is very impiritatnt you a one capsule of vitamin E, (100 IU's).3 times per week. I poke a hole in the.capsule and squirt it over the food.
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      May 2014
      Northeast USA
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      Grizzly Pollock oil which has vitamin E. All three get 2 squirts in the AM and 1 at night. 2 seems to be just right for itch and dry skin control
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