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      Jun 2014
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      Olewo beets and carrots for allergies in dogs?

      Has anyone tried this and what are your thoughts?

      I think I need more omega threes for my boys and am not thrilled with fish oil. My first choice, finding whole anchovies, sardines, and mackerel has been challenging lately. Feeding them enough of the tinned fish (my understanding is 3 oz/day per dog!) will be really expensive.

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      Mine eat beets, beet greens and carrots. I cook the beets and blanch the greens. Our holistic vet recommends them as part of a diet to control allergies. My only concern about Olewo is that that's wicked expensive. You can microwave the beets and beet greens with a little bit of water. I give carrots raw to our dogs as treats. I just throw them at the dogs. They love them.

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      I grate about a T or so of raw beet—along with same of carrot and maybe yam—onto Hoku's kibble in the morning. But now I'll remember to give her some next time we roast beets, as well.

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