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      Food and/or supplements which improve shedding?

      Cross-posting from Fire Hydrant discussing my daughter and dog. We're consulting the vet, but am curious if anyone has had luck decreasing excessive shedding by changing diet or adding supplements. I don't want to get on the food roller coaster, but wanted to read about anyone's experiences.

      Stella has been on Pro Plan (puppy and then sport) her whole life, if it matters, and has always had what I'd consider to be a normal amount of shedding. The extreme shedding is new in the last 6wks or so.

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      Shedding was very heavy for Oban this spring and summer too. This is his 10th summer and never has so much hair come out as this year. It might be the same for Stella and have nothing to do with food. Photo period is supposed to play a big part in when sheds start. Weather does too, I think. Extra brushing is all I did. Lots and lots of extra brushing. A couple of baths after playing in stinky mud that would not hose off also helped. I think it's finally over with, for him.

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      A good brushing, bath, and blow out may really help. As far as supplements, I believe fish oil and coconut oil are supposed to help.

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      The kennel where we take our dogs does grooming and offers what the call a "Shed Less" treatment, if desired. They claim they use a special shampoo, a special tool only "available to groomers", a special blow dry treatment- special, special, special. I haven't tried it, suspecting they probably use a Furminator-type comb. While mine shed a lot, Chase was especially bad, there's no health reason to do it and I feared a Furminator might cause some damage to their coat. If there was a family member with allergies that I knew were related to the dog I would probably give it a try. I have a friend who said they take their lab twice a year at least for the Shed Less treatment and she said it's "Wonderful" and makes a huge difference with their lab's shedding. You could consider looking into a groomer who does some sort of shed less treatment. I give my dogs salmon oil and their coats look lovely but I can't say there was any less shedding.

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