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      Anybody finding Orijen & Acana too rich for their puppy?

      Hi everybody!

      I recently switched my 5 months old lab from Royal Canine to Orijen. We knew that switching food can cause upset stomach for my puppy, so we did it very slowly in the span of 10 days. When he was finally 100% on Orijen, he started to have soft stool borderline diarrhea type and would poop 2 heaping piles of loose stools each time we let him out. Also, stomach digestion noises and We adjusted the amount of his portion sizes but that didn't help. WE than switched him to Acana and that had the same outcome. At once point we were worried that he might of caught a parasite from eating bird poo and all the other shit he puts in his mouth, but the vet tested negative.

      At this point we are so fed up and decided to switch him back to Royal Canine and he had no issues at all. His poop was solid. Not sure if anybody had the same issue as us???

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      I’ve never tried either, but have known quite a few people who had the same problem you did. Some pups just do better on a more “middle of the road” food.

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      Yep, with Asher. Same issues. I believe it was also causing UTI's. Once I switched him, firm stool and no more UTI's! Edited to add I had him on Orijen Puppy. Switched him to TOTW puppy salmon.

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      May 2014
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      I've heard that about both of those foods.

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      For how many days did you feed the new food?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Annette47 View Post
      I’ve never tried either, but have known quite a few people who had the same problem you did. Some pups just do better on a more “middle of the road” food.
      Ditto. Have heard this ALOT. Feed what works for the dog, not the brand you think is best.

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      I have also heard this about those foods, Super Premium dog food is not always the best dog food. Especially with an immature digestive system, like a 5 month old puppy.

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      when chili was a pup at 8 weeks I fed breeder foor for a month or so and then changed brands every bag. only flavors he had loose stool was a duck flavored brand and a salmon brand...think it was pro plan salmon/seafood and blue buffalo duck??? cant remember exactly...but he has been on acana last couple years and very happy with brand. ofc no science, just my experiences.
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      Yes, I agree with the others. Orijen and Acana have many, many rich ingredients in them...that may cause upset to a pupoy's delicate digestive system.

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