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      Apr 2018
      Graham WA
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      Puppy food suggestions

      Which puppy food is best?

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      To start, usually the one the breeder sends a small package home with you. STay on that for a month or so, a large bag's worth. Food is about the ONE thing you can keep constant when everything else in puppy's young life is about to drastically change. Plus, if you picked this breeder because you checked them out, they did the health checks etc, then surely they are using a food that works well. It won't necessarily be the most expensive food. If you can't get that food ask the breeder for an alternative suggestion. Ditto if for some reason the food doesn't work.

      At two years old I did start rotating foods, kept the breeders and introduced two new. This site helped me understand ingredients and labelling

      The Dog Food Project - How does your Dog Food Brand compare?
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      There is no BEST, there is "what works for the dog". I agree, a breeder should have had a preferred puppy food picked out and weaned their pups on it. I would stay on that for at least one bag or even up until they are a bit older like 6 months.

      That said, our pick is always Pro Plan Sport 30/20. It's all life stages and I find the lab puppies grow right on it.

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      Hello and welcome!

      Have you picked up your puppy yet? The reason I ask is, usually a reputable breeder will send a puppy home with a wealth of information on feeding/food, training, health, and advice.

      It's always best to keep your puppy on the food the breeder was feeding. This way, you won't upset the puppy's delicate digestive tract.

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      May 2018
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      I'm not a fan of the puppy food my breeder uses (Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy), but I'll keep our new puppy on it for awhile (not getting him until mid-July), so as not to upset his tummy. I'll see how it goes. If he does well, I may not change it. If there are issues, I'll probably try gradually changing him over to either Fromm Large Breed Puppy or Taste of the Wild Puppy.

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