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      I totally agree Barry...I think it's a great idea to start using it as a preventative, especially if he's so active like that.

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      I did read that glucosamine worked better as a preventative ,to save cartilage, than as a cure, rebuilding lost cartilage. We use TCM and are finding it really helps, started at age 6, post injury, when there were already signs of damage.
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      Scully (bad elbows beginning around age 7-8) wasn't started until she had a problem. I started Mulder at the same time - he would have been 4 or 5. He didn't have any signs of arthritis until he was over 12, and it was never disabling. Chloe was started as a puppy (5-6 months?). So far so good (she'll be 10 in June). Cook and Sass were also started young, but as they are only 3 I wouldn't expect problems yet.

      I can't prove that the reason Mulder and now Chloe haven't had issues is because of getting supplements prior to showing symptoms, but they sure don't seem to hurt.

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      I ask because there is natural lubrication in the joint and it consists of glucosamine anyway, so I wondered whether these supplements really help as prevention. I guess they may help to postpone possible issues in breeds predisposed to arthritis, like Labs.

      Interesting to read your experience, Annette.

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