Hi everyone, long time no post. Just a question about poop color. Recently started Switching Wylie from Fromm's Adult Gold to another food. Decided to stay with Fromm and went with the Pork and Applesauce flavored Fromm's 4 Star brand. His poop is Solid and he likes it, but now the color is much lighter almost orange, not really bright orange, but a lot lighter color, yet firm. I dont' see any mucus or anything in the poop except tidbits he always grabs and chews. He's an eating machine and gets into everything. Will the Pork make it the lighter color?

I googled as much as I could, but other than carrots, not really seeing too much to answer my question. I wanted to switch, because he was getting into my sister's two small dogs food (kibbles and bits, she free feeds and can't keep a door closed) and then started to have some soft stool. I decided to switch and try another food and change proteins, because I've heard it's good to mix it up. I feed pretty natural food, even the treats, but he gets into her dog's food. Trying to stop that. I can always go back to the Fromm's Adult Gold, but figure it wouldn't hurt to have him try something else. Thanks.