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    Thread: Feeding time

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      This is unscientific, but if she looks too skinny feed her more. If she looks just right keep it the same, and if she looks chubby, tomorrow she'll probably look just right

      Feeding puppies is not really about what the bag says, but how they do on the food. Maverick ate around 350 grams/day plus treats (a lot of treats) until he was almost a year. We bumped him up to around 500 grams (plus a lot of treats) but he started looking really skinny and losing weight. Now, at almost 16 months, he eats about 950 grams/day. I hope all of these calculations are right as I used a converter I found online.

      We had a schedule of 3 feedings a day. 6am or so, noonish, and 6pm or so plus treats for training and a snack before bed. While we don't feed a noontime meal anymore, we still give a snack before bed. We used the "too skinny, just right, or too fat" method above and aside from the very beginning, we never really changed it. If your puppy looks good on 25 grams per meal, then that's all she needs.

      Edited to say: She looks really young and small. She seems pretty healthy, maybe a little on the small side, but definitely not starving or anything.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Metsavana View Post
      Well I hope you understand me when I say that there is no real breeder cause I got her from the shelter and I'm not sure if a vet can help cause I don't speak Lithuanian, I live in Lithuania but I'm Estonian. I'm wondering if she seems healthy enough right now. And I'll up the dosage of the food that I'm giving for her sake.
      Now there's even more urgency that she needs to see a vet, having come from a shelter. Please find a way to have her checked by a vet.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Sue-Ram View Post
      1 US cup = 225 grams
      I think that refers to volume, not weight. The weight of 1 cup of popped popcorn is much different than the weight of one cup of unpopped popcorn, for example. The weight of 1 cup of kibble will depend upon the density of the food.

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      Quote Originally Posted by smartrock View Post
      I think that refers to volume, not weight. The weight of 1 cup of popped popcorn is much different than the weight of one cup of unpopped popcorn, for example. The weight of 1 cup of kibble will depend upon the density of the food.
      That's exactly what they said on the web; I copy/pasted it in my earlier post here to help OP with all those crazy conversions:
      It depends on the size and density of the dog food you are using, one cup can hold from under 3 ounces (85 grams) to over 4 ounces (113 grams) of food.

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      I agree that you should try to get her checked by a vet as she may need some treatment for parasites, etc. Is there someone you can take with you who can help translate? Looking at her, she does look like a Lab or Lab mix, although it is hard to tell at this age. I would try feeding her a little more than you have been - she doesn’t look undernourished, but perhaps a bit on the skinnier side for a very young puppy. You will find that you will need to increase her food as she grows until her growth levels out at (usually but it depends on the dog) 8-10 months, at which time you may need to lessen the amounts as the growth slows.

      I have two puppies here who are 7 weeks, so a tiny bit younger than your pup - they get fed approximately 1/2 cup (according to their website that would be a little over 50g but I haven’t weighed it myself) 3x a day and are still nursing a little bit as well. Twice a day is a long stretch to go for a young one. We generally feed them around 8AM, 1PM, and 6PM, and they usually nurse a bit at bedtime - once they stop that we will probably add in a bedtime snack.

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      She is a precious little baby, thank you for rescuing her!

      Hopefully you can get her to a vet ASAP, it really is important. Increasing the amount of food plus adding in a meal and bedtime snack sounds like very good ideas.
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      I agree with a vet check. a new dog especially a baby shoudl always be looked over by a vet, and your puppy will likely needs some basic vaccinations so you need to know what is recommended (ask questions). Better to start finding options (maybe one speaks your lagnauge or you can find a friend to come and translate) now rather than wait for an emergency to "find a vet".

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      Well I want to thank you all for your help so far. From what I know she has been vaccinated once already but her next scheduled visit to the vet is in August. As for feeding I have added lunchtime now and she seems to be a lot happier. She's been adapting very well to our home and I go running with her in the yard everyday towards the evening to just burn some energy and that seems to keep her happy too .

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