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      Fromm vs. Diamond Naturals

      Hi everyone,

      I have a friend who feeds her dog Diamond Naturals and absolutely swears by it. She said the difference between her dog's #2's vs Sailor and Finnegan's #2's is crazy. Sailor and Finn are like poop machines. I feel like they go so much and I'm constantly cleaning up after them! Anyway, I did my research on Diamond and discovered all of the recalls and very negative reviews, including some pretty recent ones. So that's out of the question. I have been looking into Fromm and I know there are a lot of folks on here who use it. I guess my question for everyone is what's a good food out there that will make them poop less? I know every dog is different and every food will affect them differently. They're eating Wellness Core Grain Free right now.
      Thanks in advance!!

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      Bacon is on a Fromm Grain free (and chicken free) rotation. He poops twice a day, once before we leave for work, and once before bed. I have heard a lot of bad things about Diamond. Fromm is a smaller company out of Wisconsin that has had no recalls, and both myself and several others have had really good results with it.

      That being said, not every dog is going to do well on Fromm. It all depends on how your pups do on it.
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      Daisy didn't like the kibble size of Fromm. The grain free varieties have a pellet size kibble she didn't care for. I tried to keep Lily on it but once she realized that she wasn't getting the same thing in her bowl as Daisy, she didn't want to eat it either (brat!)

      I have had them both on Earthborn for a few years now. We mostly do the lamb variety but every once in a while I will change it up with the fish or bison. No recalls with earthborn to date.

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      I would feed what works for the dog, not what other people say. My dogs go a couple times a day.

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      diamond has had many recalls.
      fromm NEVER in a hundred years a recall.

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      My dogs didn’t do well on Fromm’s, but some do. I’m with Jen - feed what works for the dog.

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      The recall situation would bother me. The smallest poops I have gotten -- by far -- were on raw food. The rest of the food I've fed, no matter where on the spectrum of "quality" and grain-free versus grains, regardless of protein type, have all yielded lots of poop.

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      Luna and Comet are both on Fromm and doing well. Luna had the smallest poops on raw.
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      It really is a What works thing. Different foods affect different dogs well differently.

      Only certain Fromm foods Hemi likes and also work for him. California natural is another one Hemi Loves and works really well for him. All of those Grain free. So I know Grain free is a big factor for him. Hemi came from the Breeder on Diamond and always had issues with soft poop. Once I found the grain free that worked for him he goes once a day usually, sometimes twice. However like others said you kind of need to go with what works. There are dogs that thrive on Old Roy, while most of us would never feed it.

      Humans are the same way. You have people that can eat McDonalds every single day and be fine and healthy, other balloon up and cholesterol and everything else shoots up. Others are strict vegetarians and that's what works best for them while some people just can not live without meat.

      My sister has one dog on one brand of food and another on another type of food. Once you find what works you go with that.

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      May 2014
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      Labradorks beat me to it, I have heard too that raw makes a significant difference in poop size, frequency and biodegrability. However it must be prey model raw, I think. When I fed BARF there was no difference between it and the three kibbles I rotated before it or the one kibble I use now.

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