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      Quote Originally Posted by smartrock View Post
      Neither of my lab breeders sent me home with a bag of food but maybe because I'd already asked what they were being fed. I hope the switch back does the trick. I did go through a few rounds of metronidazole and a final one of tylosin when Lark was little and the vet advised a new food. Since she hadn't come home with diarrhea from the breeder, I stubbornly decided it probably was not the food and stuck with what she had been weaned on. It did take us a few rounds of meds and some probiotics to get her back on track, though. Her stool samples never showed any parasites or worms but the meds seemed to help each time. Once the meds stopped, the diarrhea returned until her final round with the Tylan. Others, notably Jeff and Hemi who has documented his efforts on here, went through the puppy diarrhea rounds and had to use several courses of antibiotics and food changes before things settled down. Hope that won't be the case for you!
      Wrigley is going through this. It's just an overgrowth of bacteria in her system. I am considering buying Tylan since NOTHING helps for more than a few days.

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      Where can you buy Tylan from? Maverick went thru 3 rounds of antibiotics when he had coccidia/giardia. He was on probiotics at the same time, but nice firm stool hasn't returned yet.

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      I got the Tylan from the vet who gave it to me in capsules for the pup to take. I know it also comes in powder form. Since I wouldn't have known the dose, I was happy enough to get it from the vet. Some breeders or maybe anyone may have sources aside from the vet for obtaining meds. I've never tried to order meds online but you could probably google tylosin and find places that have it. Whether or not you need a prescription I can't say.

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