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      Transition to Adult?

      It's been about one year on large breed puppy food. Time to transition? And if so what's the best method? She's been on Ivet large breed puppy chow. Thanks for any help!
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      If it was me i would just buy a bag of whatever food you felt confident in. I am a fan of Black Gold Premium Dog Foods Natural High Quality Ingredients USA Made but its hard to find where I live so I am trying Performance 30/20 All Life Stages - Dry Dog Food - SPORT - Purina

      what are you looking for if the food isnt what you are expecting?
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      Welcome to the Board, Agree with Voodoo, pick a food you are confident in. Looks like your pup (sig pics) is active so I'd look to see what's needed for your growing pup, as maturity really doesn't hit til they are 2-3 years old. Voodoo gave a couple suggestions. Why not start there? Hopefully others will chime in and give their views on their food. Really important to know.


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      I switched Sam to adult food when he was around 10 months old. I feed Pro Plan. I've never heard of the food you're feeding but if you're happy with it, just switch to the adult version. Sam has an iron clad stomach and I can switch between Pro Plan formulas with maybe a day or two of mixing old formula with new before going to full meals of new formula.
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