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      are pig ears a safe treat

      Chili loves his pig ears. He tosses em around, plays with em, hides them around the house, buries them in backyard, and of course eats them. But then it dawned on me, how do I know if they are safe? anyone have thoughts on any risks associated with pig ears as a treat? I used to buy them at costco. now I order them from amazon. any brand better? any brand to stay away from? any better alternative?
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      I've been giving pig ears to my dogs for many years. I've never had a problem. I just found some water buffalo ears at a local pet shop and they're huge! So far, Milo just tosses them around and hasn't eaten one yet.

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      I wouldn't say they are unsafe or safe, that's a matter of opinion. To much can cause loose stools and smaller chunks could potentially pose a choking hazard. I personally don't give them to my dogs, I find pig ears to be gross but if I did I would definitely make sure they were made in the USA and oven baked.

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      We get pig ears from the local butcher, along with raw marrow bones. They are both special treats for Thor and he hasn't had any issues with them. I'm not sure if I would buy a random packaged brand of them, though. Where I buy them from, I can talk to the guy who knows every step that went into producing the product from farmer to finished package.
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      All of my dogs have loved them. We don’t give them too often though as they can be fattening. Doesn’t seem to have harmed any of mine and it has been hands down their absolutely favorite thing on the planet to get.

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      Pigs ears are one of Mocha's favorite treats. We get him one every time we go to Rural King. He is so proud trotting out to the truck with his prize! He only gets them when we take him to that store.
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      Have not given them because of "senior" teeth and poor Archie has only half his teeth.

      Only thing I would worry about is where they were processed. China is definitely off the list.
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      I was advised to use one to teach Hoku—way back in puppy days—not to food guard, and to give up / drop9 something if we asked her (the idea being that because dogs love pig ears, this would be a good high-value treat to practice with) As it turned out, this was super easy to teach, so the ear wasn't necessary (that is, she just dropped it when I asked her to). But she did like it a lot. I was just advised not to let them devour it all at once, for digestive reasons.
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      May 2014
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      Charlie gets one per week, a special treat on Saturday. They are his absolute favourite thing. Never had a problem.

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      May 2014
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      Pigs ears are fine for a special treat, but they are messy, greasy and high in calories. I also echo buying all USA made and sourced, you do NOT want any of these that are preserved or processed in China.

      These are good and not too expensive
      Amazon.com : Pig Ear Half Chews, Sourced Hickory Smoked (1) : Pet Supplies

      I have found cow ears to be less greasy, again, all USA made and sourced
      Amazon.com : Cow Ears for Dogs (25 Pack) - Healthy Bulk Dog Dental Treats Natural Beef Chews Made in USA, American Made : Pet Supplies

      And my dogs love beef trachea, again all USA made and sourced
      Amazon.com : Great Dog 6 Made in USA) : Pet Snack Treats : Pet Supplies

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