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      Winston Separation Anxiety and Howling

      So I am moving into a new apartment with the boyfriend. My dog seems to have mysteriously developed a severe separation anxiety issue. He whines and howls the entire time he is left alone. If someone is with him he seems to be ok, but when left alone he barks constantly. My neighbors are not exactly thrilled with the situation.

      Winston has lived in my old house his entire life, so this is a big change for him. We have put him in a spare room with music/television to distract him from outside noises. We have given him anti-anxiety medication. We have left Kong toys with peanut butter and treats for him to find and chew on. Nothing seems to be working.

      I'd rather not go to the extremes of doing doggy daycare or taking him to a friend's place before work every day. Is there a training technique that would help? Would crating help? How long does it take dogs to adjust to living in a new place?

      Please share any thoughts you have on the subject.
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      Aw poor guy. It sounds like his routine is completely different and he's uncomfortable. I guess my suggestion would be to treat this like crate training a new pup. Hope that is link helps!

      Crate Training Your Labrador Puppy - The Labrador Site

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