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      Worst guard dog ever

      It's one or the other with Thor. Either he has a heart attack of excitement or completely ignores us when we get home. I never know if I'll have a bouncing happy lab or a lazy snoozing dog when I open the door.

      Tonight we got home from dinner and there was no Thor in sight. Usually when he's snoozing at least he's near the front door. Not tonight. I opened the door and called his name a couple of times with no response. Finally found him on the second floor, in our master bed, snoring away. One more firm "THOR!" and he jerked awake, clearly very annoyed that I woke him from his nap.

      I blame the cold weather - that bed sure is cozy. But I think if I want a guard dog I'll have to find another dog!
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      i can picture it now...."what do you WANT???? i know you're home, fine, but i was in the middle of the greatest dream...call me when dinners ready"
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      lol or buy a bed that is really uncomfortable so he isn't tempted.

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      We get barked at...it's a different bark than one for loose dogs or visitors, but still....
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      May 2014
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      LOL, that's a lab.

      Shame on you for disrupting his warm, cozy sleep.
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      I think you should find ways to come home without causing all that nap disturbing noise and annoyance for poor tired Thor. Lol

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      Yep, got that here, too, especially Chase. My husband has decided Chase has a hearing problem because he doesn't jump up and act all excited when he gets home. Since I'm the one who does all the feeding and going outside action around here, he is much more likely to at least stand up to see if there's anything in it for him when I come home. Sometimes though, like Thor, I think they're just too darn comfy or too sound asleep to put much effort into finding out who just walked in. If we want a watch dog, I'll have to steal my daughter's dog, who barks at anything and everything. Yeah, no, give me a lab any day. Thor's just exhibiting his labbiness!

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      Maybe he knew it was you and decided to snooze. gigi is like that, she can tell when I enter or some one from the family as she seem to know the car noise and snoozes or ignores. when a stranger or a strange car pulls in she is goes into a mean bark and all the hair on the back stands straight up till this person walks in then she is all friendly. So she is more a deterrent at this point as unknown person is not going to open the door and pet her looking at the bark and aggressive stance.

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      May 2015
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      I have always heard this, a Chessie will stop the thieves, a lab will watch them, and a Golden will help them.

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      This is as it should be.

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