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    Thread: TP Connoisseur?

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      May 2014
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      TP Connoisseur?

      A little background. Bought a bale (my term for the mega size bundle of TP) on sale, not our regular kind. Last time I did this swore I'd never get it again, we just don't like it. Finally getting to the end of the bale and bought a bale of our regular TP.

      New labby TP holder arrived to replace the one Archie broke while attacking the roll of TP. https://www.amazon.com/Rivers-Edge-S...t+paper+holder

      Thought I'd try an experiment. Put down a roll of the TP I don't like along with the TP I do like. Archie approached and it was like I was trying to take a juicy steak away from him trying to get him to drop the roll of TP I don't like.

      Is Archie a TP Connoisseur or did he want to go commando?
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      I'm glad you were able to replace that TP holder...it's so cute.

      "Go Commando"....I'd never heard that relative to the use of TP before. It gave me paws for thought.
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      Are you sure Archie is a dog? He's a pretty smart fella!!
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      I think Archie was just trying to save you from the horrible TP. We definitely have the brands that we like and don't get any other. Life's to short for crappy TP.

      Funny story...Years ago I worked at Walmart and was surprised at the number of people who insisted that I put the big packs of toilet paper in a bag. What are you trying to hide (I would say in my head), the fact that you use toilet paper? I would rather people see it in my cart and know I use it than wonder if I do.

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