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    Thread: Doofus 2.0

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      May 2014
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      Doofus 2.0

      Now that all the leaves are off the tree, Archie can see the squirrels out the front window. His nemesis. Of course, what does he do, runs to the back door to go out. Still hasn't figured out they are not out there. Then again, sometimes he gets lucky and one runs across the back fence.
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      You need to train your squirrels to go to the back yard when they hear the back door open. Then Archie can chase them as a reward!!!!
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      Haha, poor Archie!

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      Poor Archie all they do is taunt you.

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      Archie's not a doofus. I had the world's biggest doofus. Sandy, my heart dog, took squirrel chasing to a new level.

      Almost as fast as jumping up from a deep sleep at the sound of a cheese wrapper, the word "Squirrel" had her running to the door. I'd let her out, she'd give hot and heavy chase, the squirrel would run up a tree, and she'd keep going. Fifty yards past, she'd stop, look around in a confused way, like, where'd he go? In the meantime, the squirrel would be laughing his butt off from the tree. Seriously.
      And if I picked up my pellet gun? She'd bounce around to go outside, nearly tripping me, because mama has her gun and is going to shoot a squirrel and maybe maybe maybe I can catch one!!!!

      P.S. I only shoot at red squirrels as they are the most destructive varmints ever. It's an open season in my state on those tree rats. So don't berate me on that, please.
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      Cheryl Zuccaro

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      Well, that's what GS's do, roundup squirrels! Sheba use to chase and catch them and she would just be heart broken when she saw she had held her new little playmate too tightly in her mouth.

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