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      The Dog Aging Project.

      I subscribe to emails sent by Smithsonian Magazine. One had an article describing the Dog Aging Project, which seeks to help our beloved companions age well. I followed the links, read about the project and its staff. The dogs I've owned and shared had varied lifespans:

      Kingsley, purebred GSD, gone at nine
      Moonpie, Labx, gone at nine
      Avis, spanielx, gone at 15(!)
      Corndog, Labx, gone at nine
      Faye's Rex, Labx, maybe ten?
      BoJo, Labx, nine?
      Kendal, Lab, thirteen

      Stella is 13. Achilles is at least 11, probably 12 or 13. Fitzi is going on 3.

      I was intrigued enough to submit an application to participate in the trial we seem most suited for - the Longitudinal Study of Aging. Though we may not be able to help Stella and Achilles, I would be delighted to contribute to the knowledge base.
      Andrew, Faye, Fitzi, and Lucy

      Not gone, only gone on ahead - Bruno, Rex, BoJo, Kendal, Kingsley, Moonpie, Avis, Corndog, Stella, and now Achilles

      I invite you to visit my blog, Hidden Content .

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      This is really interesting, I saved your link so I can look into submitting my data tomorrow. Cool!

      Interestingly, my neighbor has a 13 year old Great Dane, her name is Hazel (I love that!) and she is friendly, sweet, healthy, and engaging still. I love her.

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      Very interesting. Going to look into submitting to it. Anything I can do to understand more the aging process would certainly help in this household.
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      very interesting.... my 1st dog was 2 or 3 days shy of 15, his "brother" would have long outlived him, he went from a blockage surgery at 14.5 and up till then was playing fetch for at least 1/2hr a day... Scout is coming up on 10, and he is aging somewhere inbetween the last 2.
      definitely looking into this!
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