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      May 2014
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      If a dog attacks your dog - good tip.

      This looks good. Better than getting between them.

      Woman rescues her attacked pup with a tip she learned on Reddit

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      I have seen that technique on YouTube. Thanks for sharing.

      I did some research after Sam was attacked and it took me a while to get the other dog off. Not sure how well it will work with a dog that clamps down and holds on but I am keeping it in mind because nothing I did that day helped much. I only managed to get the dog off Sam when it finally released to grab another spot and I was able to pull it away in that second. Sam also moved off to a safe distance and waited when I told him to until the attacking dog was dealt with.
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      WE couldn't do that when Oban was attached by a Husky a few weeks ago because the other dog would not let go of his ear. The other woman fell down and if I had walked Oban backwards I might have badly injured his ear. When another man came to help by holding the bigger dog I was able to haul Oban back by that method but at first Oban was on the ground on his back.

      Please be very careful with this method, a good sized dog is hard to hold on to, can whirl in a second and still nail you. Even a little dog has untold energy and strength in such a situation.
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      May 2014
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      I have had to use it twice - it's very effective. Snowshoe makes a good point about being careful. It's important to constantly backpedal if possible to keep the dog from nailing you.
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      Nov 2014
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      This method was tried when Molly was attacked and failed the dog would not let go. . The thing that worked was a Home Depot bucket of water over the attacking dogs head. If we had heavy Blankets we would have tried those too.

      I want to thank for posting the above. The more informed we are to protect our fur babies the better.

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      May 2014
      Eastern Ontario Canada
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      yep I always grab dogs from behind anyway (even my own). I've used it for mild attacks. I will note that if you do this with a dog in full attack you need to KEEP GOING IN CIRCLES/SWING the dog so they cannot swing back (at least not properly) as they can't keep their balance. I'd have to find the article/video.

      I also wondered what it would do if the attacker had a good grip on the other dog

      But ideally you use something like a chair or hose or anything else that's handy - the wheelbarrow is for emergencies when there is nothing else.

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      Glad it worked for her, I can see some difficulties with it though - what if you are alone and there’s no one to grab the other dog?

      Twice I’ve had to break up dog snarks (not actually drawing blood but lots of noise, growling and wrestling that had a good chance of escalating by whacking the attacking dog (not mine in either case) in the head with a flexi leash. Probably wasn’t pleasant for them, and probably risky for me, but in the moment I could have cared less - I just wanted them the hell off of my dog. Once was a male mixed breed the size of a golden going after 14 year old Mulder who had no interest in retaliating; the other a neighbor’s female chocolate lab who went after Chloe who did want to retaliate. I ended up with Chloe in a headlock (front feet suspended off the ground so she couldn’t get loose) tucked under one arm and whacked the other dog in the muzzle with the flexi hard enough to shock it and yelled at it to go the hell away and knock it off. Surprisingly it worked. Again, most likely not the best thing to have done, but it worked in both cases.

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