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      My first "horn dog"

      So, my one year old, Linus, is still intact with plans to remain that way until he is full-grown. He is my fourth male dog, each of which has been neutered either young (standard 6 months) or older (two-ish). While they have all, to some degree, "fallen in love" with another dog on occasion throughout their lifetimes, it has been very rare and is usually the dog at the park that everyone falls for because they have that special something.

      Linus, on the other hand, "falls in love" easily and he falls really hard. The poor pup is often heartsick during training as he wants desperately to "be with" my trainer's dog, a fluffy medium-sized neutered male who wants nothing to do with him. His second true love is adog in class, another medium-sized fluffy neutered male dog who also could not care less. He obsesses, whines, and if he gets close enough bolts toward the genitals.

      I have been around male dogs only interested in one thing and have always thought it was training and socialization. Linus is very well-trained, well-socialized, and has excellent manners. He started marking early on -- never inside! It was not a learned behavior. He is not allowed to mark on walks or on leash at all. Only when off leash in a park, hiking, etc., when it's his time. He also became interested in other dogs' genitals at an early age. Both boys and girls, but mostly neutered boys. And he LOVES the fluff! No humping and he is passive with other dogs. He is never left to his own devices as far as being left outside or kenneled and he doesn't even go to doggie daycare. He's left out in the morning and crated the latter half of the day after the dog walker leaves. So, it's not like he has the opportunity to develop bad habits.

      Is there anything I can do besides "leave it", distractions away from the dogs, thinking ahead if we're training next to them, and avoiding them like the plague at shows? The owners are aware of the hold their dogs have on him and know to stay away if possible when it really matters, so I have full cooperation from them, but I know there will be others...

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      Not of much direct help to you but I have heard that sometimes the dog receiving the unwanted attention has a mild UTI or ear infection. Other than what you are doing I have no help to offer.

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