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      I generally don't leave anything on for the poochachos during the day and if I did, it would be talk radio, not reggae or soft rock. If we go out at night, maybe once a week, I sometimes leave a radio or the TV on along with a few lights so it looks from the outside like someone is home. Mine do not watch the TV anyway and it's not like they cannot tell whether we're home or not.

      Over the years we've had to negotiate a few differences of opinion with our dogs, on the furniture, not on the furniture, in the bedroom, not in the bedroom, things like that. It can be a moving target. Hopefully you're both willing to negotiate and compromise.

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      Thanks all. You've given me a lot to think about. When I got Onyx at 8 weeks old my mother was home with him while I worked. Unfortunately she died a year ago this month so I just feel like leaving the TV on for Onyx while I'm at work would make the house seem less empty. I'm probably over thinking that. Now that he has my new guy Armani and will soon have my boyfriend's two female chows, it's possible that they will have each other and won't need the TV.
      But then there's still the problem of my dogs are with me everywhere except at work...in the bed, on the sofa, in my SUV...he's not as inclusive but I suspect we will be able to reach a compromise. (fingers crossed)
      Thanks again for all the food for thought!

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