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    Thread: Lifting harness

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      Quote Originally Posted by Mollysmomma View Post
      Sending hugs to you, Cilek, & Tilya, too! I have been getting the Cosequin DS from Wal Mart for Molly's arthritis--it has Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & MSM, but doesn't have green lipped mussel or turmeric in it.....I've been thinking of trying something else, too, in case something else might work better.....If I give turmeric, I don't know how much to give. Guess I could look it up, though......My vet usually puts arthritic dogs on Rimadyl, but Molly already has something going on with her liver which is making her ALT level higher than it should be, so the vet doesn't want to put her on the Rimadyl. My last 2 Pugs both were on it during their last few years. The vet did put Molly on Dasuquin for the arthritis before, but it was expensive, & when Molly had to go on another expensive medicine (Denamarin for her liver issue) I thought I'd try to switch her to something a little less expensive for the arthritis. I can't really tell any difference in how they work. I just wish our precious babies didn't have to hurt! It's too hard when they get old! I wish they could stay young forever.
      I'm considering to add turmeric as a powder to her meal. I too will take it because it has lots of benefits for humans too. I've decided to add turmeric because I saw it as an ingredient in a joint supplement. People wrote very good comments about this product and it has only glucosamine, condroitin and turmeric. This one Home - Seraquin
      As a glucosamine supplement I'll try Lintbells YuMOVE Dog Joint Supplement. I was happy with GlycoFlex III but they do not sell it in Turkey right now. Lintbell includes 150 mg mussel and daily dosage is 3 tablets for large dogs. So 500 mg mussel would be safe and enough I guess. You can read comments here about ripped mussel.

      Cilek is also not on Rimadyl. She doesn't take any anti-inflammatory drugs. Nowadays I'm considering to give her Rimadyl but I do not want because of the side effects. She doesn't show any sign of pain but you know, they do not show it until it is too much. I'll talk about this with our vet again. Last time we've decided not to start yet.
      I'm sorry that Molly has liver issues. Tilya had it once and on those days she was taking Rimadyl. I don't think it was just Rimadyl but I'm sure it had a negative effect on the liver enzymes. Now her levels are perfectly normal. Wishing the same for Molly.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Mrs.Smith View Post
      Oh, poor thing. I wish your Cilek doesn't need to bear the pain of arthritis.
      I suggest that you get her an Orthopaedic bed since they are specially designed for dogs with arthritis. Try checking out petstreetmall since they offer varieties of options. I have heard good reviews about their products as well.
      You can also find socks and harness there that'll be more cost-effective.
      Hugs and kisses for your dog!
      Thank you so much, I didn't know that there was beds designed for dogs with arthritis. I'll definitely check it

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