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      May 2014
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      Suggest a name for the puppy

      ONE WEEK COUNTDOWN! I got almost all of the supplies. Just need feeding bowls, food, and a name! When I named Jules I already met him and named him according to his personality. I found a name that really fit him well. Jules means youthful and he was definitely a puppy at heart to the last minute. But now, since I haven't met my chosen puppy yet I don't know what to do! The AKC name will be Pennylane Shooting for the Stars. The litter is all star themed. So, I was thinking of finding a call name that's also star themed...maybe. Not so easy!

      Here are the options so far:

      1. Archie (meaning: true and bold)- husband's preference. I like it...
      2. Charlie (no fun meaning here. just cute.)
      3. Gisli (meaning: Icelanding meaning ray of sunlight)- I love this one

      Does anyone else have any other name ideas? The breed is Welsh Springer Spaniel if that helps.

      Forgot to mention the puppy is a boy.
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      Seren -- means "star" in Cymraeg (aka Welsh).

      That name would work for a boy or girl; if a girl I like Carys, which comes from the Welsh word for "love." Catherine Zeta-Jones (a famous Welsh person) has a daughter named Carys.

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      Henri or Henry- it means ruler of the home or something like that, but for some reason, it just sounded like a name that might fit if you liked the name Jules. I can't say why. And it seems like it would fit with his looks. One of my favorite kids at a school I worked at was named Henry, so it's a name I'd use. There are also a few I wouldn't....

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      Behind the Name: Browse Names

      Apparently Seren means star and is both feminine and masculine but more frequently used these days for girls. Oops, didn't see Dxboon's reply.

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      Not star related, but I kind of like Winston.

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      Orion. (Ryan)
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      Danny: The Sundance Kid....Sunnie's boy....birth 03/31/09 (in my living room)

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      I like Gisli, but then again that's a nickname of sorts for my Grizzly. I never spelt it out though! LOL
      I would pick a welch name!
      Behind the Name: Welsh Names

      Arwyn, Brin, Griffith....Price, Rhys (Reese)....Wynn, Yale...
      Jen & Tickle!
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      No rhym or reason for this one other than I think it sounds good together.
      George Pennylane Shooting for the Stars
      A good name for a motivational speaker.
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      How about Nova or Super Nova?
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      Kissing Bandit

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      I like Charlie, im not really into the odd names with special meaning. I just like cute doggie names

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