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      Don't you think the vets have heard just about everything?

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      Quote Originally Posted by TuMicks View Post
      Nah, what would happen at our house is that the other two labs would be trying to catch the ball, and a 3-way, hell-for-leather foot race would ensue. Then the one that got the ball would dash away from the other two dragging the tethered lab behind. Natural tendency would be for the dragee to throw on the reverse thrusters, thus snatching the ball away from the successful dog and whip-lashing the third dog and then they'd all be in a moving scrum around the backyard. And I'd end up on the phone with the vet trying to describe the mechanism of injury.
      That sounds about right. I think all of mine are too smart to spend much time chasing it if it was attached to them where they couldn’t get to it, but if it was attached to another dog, then all bets would be off!

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