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      Quote Originally Posted by barry581 View Post
      Sophie loves playing bitey face with Brooks, she will even initiate it at times. She's 5 1/2 now, and I've been wondering if she'll ever get tired of it. In some ways I wish she would get tired of it, as Brooks could use a good telling off now and then.
      Mine all stopped except for infrequent occasions once both dogs were full adults, but were happy to play with new puppies that come in. What’s interesting to me, is that lately Cookie and Sassy play more with Chloe than they do with each other when their mom is not around. Chloe LOVES playing with her babies, but prior to this hadn’t played with anyone since she was young (she and Mulder played a lot when she was a puppy but he was 10 years older than her so that wore off when she was about 2).

      Cookie (Jamrah’s Legally Blonde, BN) 6/4/2015
      Sassy (Jamrah’s Blonde Ambition, BN) 6/4/2015

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      Our foster Jolie (UCh Windsong’s Genuine Risk, CDX, WC) 5/26/1999 - 3/2/2014
      and Mulder (Coventry’s I Want to Believe, UD, VER, WC, RN) 5/26/1999 - 4/20/2015

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      I tried to socialize way too much imo...chili went everywhere with me once he had 1st shots...nothing bad has happened due to that, but I know enough now that it was a bit risky. I also paid for a trainer on a weekly basis and sent him to training schools. he just my spoiled chili doggie.
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      Chili born 7/21/2013

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      i read and obsessed before Trigger came home. I realized that what i wanted is exactly what Anne has described- a happy confident dog that doesn't feel the need to go up to every.other.dog.out.there, but isnt threatened by other dogs being around either. He will hopefully be competing in all kinds of different events, in all kinds of different venues. So, he goes everywhere with me. We're talking to work almost every week day for at least half the day, and back after lunch lots of days. He is either in a class or tagging along to Scout's classes 4 evenings a week, and a field training day one weekend day.
      He gets to see his sister once a week at swimming, but its not a "social" time per se. He's been back to the breeders 3 or 4 times to interact with the adult dogs (Scout still doesnt want anything really to do with him).
      He's been in a few stores (not so many allow dogs here, but a cute chocolate lab puppy is often excepted), been to 4 days of shows so far, is in his 1st conformation show Saturday, and has been absolutely comfortable everywhere.
      Crossing fingers, but so far, its working...
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      With my first Lab -- "Bess" -- we got her at way too young an age plus we weren't in an area where she'd meet and play with other dogs. As a result, she grew up not very social or ever wanting to play with them. When other dogs approached her, she'd look at me as if to say, "Why's this other creature trying to sniff me?"

      So, when I got Puff, I looked over our neighborhood, found a number of homes with backyard fences and young sociable dogs, and arranged playdates for an hour or so with a number of them every week. And, when Puff got a little older, IIRC at about 8 or 9 months, I formed a Saturday afternoon Lab group where a number of owners (it grew to about 17+ dogs -- many of the members knew others they'd invite) would take our Labs to a safe area in a nearby nature preserve, unleash our dogs, and let them play together for about 90 minutes while we peeps chatted. (We called it our "Labfest.")

      It worked fine for Puff -- she loved those times and was always sociable and eager to be friends with other dogs.

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