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      May 2014
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      The DH went out mushroom hunting and has had three ticks to be removed. Macy has zero so far. The ticks are awful here this year.

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      May 2014
      Southeastern MA
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      Same around here! I have found 5 ticks in 5 days crawling on Cassie. She is on Bravecto but I'm not. It scares me a bit to find so many. Being as she is a 63 lb lap dog, the risk of transfer to me is quite high.

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      May 2014
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      I used to use Frontline Plus but the ticks here in NJ became resistant to it. Now and for the past 3 years I've used K9 Antantix and it works. We have had them all winter here with a short break but now they are really bad. I never spray my yard because I figure I dont want the dogs licking it off their paws, or my dd playing in it. I hate to use chemicals at all I really do but I have to use something. The K9 advantix dries pretty quickly and my dd knows not to touch the dogs as long as she can see the oily spot on their backs from it.

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      Quote Originally Posted by silverfz View Post
      I use seresto collar on my dog and cats
      we spray a organic pet/children friendly spray.

      Both seem to work great . the spray i do 7-8 times over the spring to fall.

      As you said we are limited with puppies last year and dogs that lick grass. also we have kids who play on the grass.
      I started doing this this year. I have always sprayed for mosquitoes, just because they are so horrible where I live. I remember when Hemi was a puppy in summer it was quick run out go potty, he would literally get swarmed taking a poop where 2-3 on his nose and worse the would actually target his butt as he was pooping. Then we would rush right back in. Meanwhile I was swatting them away from him and me. So I started doing a spray every 3 weeks and I tell you what a difference. We actually sit outside in the summer all evening long.

      Anyway they were offering free upgrade to the flea and tick prevention as well if I included border barrier, basically ant and bug spray around the edge of the house. So went with everything. We never had fleas but occasionally would see ticks. Will see how it goes this year. They spray "Talstar P Pro"

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      May 2014
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      I think I'll switch to K9 Advatix II. We'll see how that works out.

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      Jun 2016
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      i just found a company online to do the spray. we tried 3 and this works. You need a commercial sprayer as he does spray around the pool and on the tress too.
      i pay a flat rate for the sprays and i will call him before parties to do a spray.

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