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      Quote Originally Posted by annkie View Post
      I updated the link

      Belly rubs are better than food - YouTube

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      OMG- he’s definitely not a lab, LOL. One time I was filling the Buster cube in the kitchen while DH was playing with Kimber outside. She heard the noise of kibble and busted through the front door, toys forgotten, so excited to get at that cube!
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      Quote Originally Posted by kimbersmom View Post
      OMG- he’s definitely not a lab, LOL.
      Lol right?? He throws me for a loop. Like "what do you mean you don't want a treat!?" I basically have to sound like a happy go lucky fool all the time to keep his interest. That's good and bad I suppose.

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      If you want him to use it, you could try putting his whole meal into the treat ball, assuming he's getting dry food, of course. That's what I did for Chase. He would hoover up his food so fast when given his meal that approximately 7 seconds after the bowl hit the floor, he'd be finished and looking at me as if to ask what our next fun adventure was going to be. Holy moly guy, give me a little break wouldya? In order to stretch out mealtime a little I put all his food into the tricky treat ball and he'd take several minutes to roll it around and get all his food out. Plus, he had to figure out how to do it plus he got a little exercise and was kept busy long enough for me to fix a cup of coffee or whatever. If Archie isn't hungry he may not be that interested. Once he figures out what the deal is he may enjoy it and get a little exercise in the bargain.

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      The Kong Classic has been working well with Chutes. Took him a few tries to figure it out (and after dad realized he was stuffing it too tight) but now he's totally into them.

      I showed that snuffle mat to my husband. We're excited to give that a try after we are done with hand feeding. Looks cool!

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