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    Thread: Mall pet stores

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      Quote Originally Posted by Labradorks View Post
      I didn't know they had mall pet stores in the US anymore. I thought everyone bought their puppymill dogs on the internet.
      or brokers

      but yes we have three stores locally here (I'm in canada) that sell puppies. they are all in malls and say it's the only way they can bring in enough money for that kind of rent (to be in a big mall). They FINALLY passed regulations here banning the sell of dogs for profit in pet stores but there is a 5 year phasing out period for the three current stores. City Council barely passed it, they were really pro small business (never mind that there are MANY wonderful amazing locally owner pet stores that DO NOT SELL PUPPIES that have zero issues "getting by"). Many locally were firm that the owners were good people that got their dogs from nice breeders locally or from people who had oops litters they couldn't sell (ok so you want to pay 1500 for an "oops" litter puppy?).

      The puppies were mostly mixes. more smaller mixes. lots of "oodles" and other (some I hadn't even really hard of often) for $1000-1500

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      We had one open here in Grand Rapids. Bissell the sweeper people have a huge corporate office here and they are so very into dogs. They sponsor several events and things that Hemi and I go to here and provide all kinds of charity for dogs. They used their full corporate might, got the mall to kick the store out, and the better business bureau to revoke their license, but the day before they went in and bought all the dogs but sending in secret shoppers to just buy the dogs and worked with local trainers and shelters to help rehab and home them all. They then also sued the former owner to get their money back as well, essentially bankrupting him. He tried getting a go fund me page to help pay for his legal bills and the suit cost and to open a new store elsewhere. He got like a grand total of $200.

      In a way it was sad because you know it put a lot of people out of a job that just got jobs as the store was only open 3 days before being shut down. But again it kind of sent a strong message.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Labradorks View Post
      I didn't know they had mall pet stores in the US anymore. I thought everyone bought their puppymill dogs on the internet.
      I haven’t seen a mall pet store since I was a kid. There are two “puppy stores” in our area - well, I think (hope) one closed recently, but there’s still at least one that are freestanding stores that sell both mixed and pure-bred puppies.

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