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      proper etiquette for long term dog sitting

      found an older couple to watch chili for couple weeks while I leave the country. they have a 3 yr old lab and 2 rescued 10+ yr old weimars. very loving elderly couple to their dogs. Chili has visited a few times for an hour or so each and gets along fine.

      aside from food for chili, whats a good procedure for this? I want this to go well and also want to compensate when I return.
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      Leave instructions and a day in the life type of outline, but nothing crazy. Mostly about bathroom breaks, exercise, food.

      Dos and don'ts, keeping in mind it's their house, so he they may find it easier to let him on beds and furniture if the other dogs are on beds and furniture.

      List any quirks and if they are unpleasant, how best to avoid them. Including health stuff, like if he eats a certain food he gets gassy.

      List allergies and any other health information. If they can take him to your vet, call your vet and have them note that and place it in your file.

      If you have a health insurance, make sure they have that information.

      I left my emergency credit card with my best friend who I knew would be around and who always answers her phone and texts.

      Bring a bed, bowls, leash, collar including a training collar if you use one for walks and pre-measured food. Extra food, just in case (a fresh unopened smaller bag).

      On Rover.com you should note a trend in fees for dog-sitting for your area. For me it is $25-30 per night.

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      Concur with Labradorks suggestions.

      One comment. Discuss your wishes and expectations with your secondary contact, just in case you aren't readily available.
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      Excellent info.

      It would be a good idea to put a picture, vaccination info, chip number, vet info and name all in a package. Would only take a 3x5 card and the picture in a sandwich zip lock bag.
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      I have a "contract" type form that I fill out whenever I take in someones' dogs or if I have a housesitter here. Basically says I give my permission for the sitter (named) to seek veterinary care etc if needed since some vets won't treat a pet that isn't owned by the person.

      I'd look into what local kennels charge and be prepared to pay that to the people (cash is always appreciated). I don't charge for the pups I've bred but don't get asked a lot anyhow since distances usually limit that but believe the going rate around here for a housesitter is ~$50/day (obviously a good deal for in house sitting of mult dogs!). I"m thinking kennels are 25-30 / dog now...
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      last time we watched a dog, his nails were curling and they did not have his rabies certification so no one will cut them. i would recommend a copy of all the shots incase he needs vet attention.

      we just found in passing we are watching a dog for 2 weeks when the owners travel by accident on facebook as they forgot to tell us. i recommend not doing that too.

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