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      Chase is pretty food motivated but I can leave an open bag of food within reach and without an OK, Chase won't touch it. Lark, on the other hand, would eat until she was sick and she has demonstrated that on more than one occasion when I neglected to close up the bag. I was thinking she might go after the hot dog in the cage, although she's a pretty slender girl. However, the cicadas are coming out in force the past few days and Lark has been spending all her time under the trees in the yard where they seem to be most prevalent. I'd say now that if some locusts, especially the young newly emerged ones, were in that hamster cage, Lark would be all over them "like a duck on a junebug". Actually, I should say, like a Lark on a locust!

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      after spending time in afghanastan I learned alot about how easy it is to lose weight. lifestyle choices, not genes in that environment everyone lost weight...alot usually.
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