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    Thread: Poop obsession.

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      May 2014
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      Poop obsession.

      We're kind of obsessed with poop, more so than usual now that Fran is in chemo and we have to treat whatever she produces as some kind of toxic waste. It must be picked up immediately after production with hands that are protected so that we don't absorb the chemicals. Because of this, my husband has gotten in on the game and is fascinated by how much comes out of Fran. I personally have always been fascinated by poop. As far as I'm concerned, that's the main function of my goats and one of the main functions of my chickens. As a result, we have developed all kinds of terms for this basic bodily function as it relates to our animals.

      Recycling - as in, "I need to pick up the recycling."
      The Horse - this is Fran. We are continually amazed by how much comes out of this dog. My take on this is that at least she's not a cow.
      Fertilizer Machines - the goats.
      Madame Poopsalot - Fran
      Sausage Maker - as in, "How's my little sausage maker?"
      Poop Dance - Fran when she needs to go out does a dance. It's hard to describe but when you see it, it means "Now! Right now!"

      And the weirdest, done while squatting to the beat:

      "Old MacDonald had a farm and on that farm he had a dog
      "With a poop poop here and a poop poop there
      "Here a poop there a poop everywhere a poop poop"

      My husband claims that this last encourages Fran to go outside. I'm skeptical but there you go.

      Anyone else?

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      Man, I can't compete with that.

      The best I can do is admit that I sometimes refer to my guys as "Poo"dles.
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      How funny and how oh so true!!!

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      Think we are more obsessed with our dog's poop than we every were with our kids poop.
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      Quote Originally Posted by POPTOP View Post
      Think we are more obsessed with our dog's poop than we every were with our kids poop.
      That's probably true. Once they could use the bathroom on their own, I really had no idea what was coming out unless they were really, really sick and had no choice but to share. Other than that, for all I know, they haven't pooped since they were 3 years old!

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