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    Thread: Icky Foods

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      None of our furkids would eat lettuce. The labs would eat everything else. Archie does not like blueberries but all other fruit is OK. Frozen green beans is a definite love. Geez, dogs that eat poop should not turn their noses up at anything.
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      I haven’t found anything these three won’t eat.

      They are the first ones that will eat lettuce/veggies without some sort of sauce or dressing on them. Scully used to beg for carrots, but then chew them up and spit them out with a disgusted look. All my others have loved carrots.

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      When I recently took a class on reducing reinforcers, I really had to stretch and think about "low value food". LOL. They don't love celery stalks, but will eat it. So, that's what I used. Unfortunately it turned into a high value food once I sliced it and used it as a treat. The good news is that celery is inexpensive and very low calorie. Other than like a jalapeno, something that is uncomfortable to eat, they eat and love every fruit, veggie, meat and starch that I can think of. Oh, when I fed raw Linus once turned down a bull testicle and he was not a huge fan of pig kidneys. If I cut either up small enough he would eat it though.

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