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      Pennies from heaven

      As Faye mentioned in another thread we went to Pennsylvania to attend a fund-raiser for Joe Maringo's S.P.A.R.R.O. and the next days' Lab Fest.

      While there we went to a grocery store and walking through the parking lot we saw a penny on the pavement.
      I picked it up thinking 'Find a penny, pick it up, all that day have good luck.' Faye thought and said 'Penny from heaven; Stella is saying hello.' We walked on and about 50 feet later there was another penny. Faye said 'Stella's really trying to talk to you.'

      I'm trying to listen.

      Andrew, Faye, Achilles, Fitzi, and Lucy

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      Agree with Faye. I always pick up coins hold them and look up and listen.

      Stella is throwing pennies in front of you to make sure you are paying attention---------listen
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      aww I will have to remember that the next time I find a penny, to stop and listen.

      I found my little Penny, black and white cat, thrown out at our local post office. When I walk by her I always pick her up kiss on her and say "find a penny pick it up all day long your have good luck"
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      Never thought of it that way but the next time I find a penny I will have to remember to stop and listen.
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      Blackboy98, I'd never thought of it this way before Faye mentioned it.

      labsnewfy, my long gone on ahead Avis was kind of a throw-away.

      katALlabs, yes, please join me and all the others!

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