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      Quote Originally Posted by barry581 View Post
      Noah was the only one I had that mourned the loss of another dog. He truly loved Fannie, and when she passed he mourned for months. Losing Fannine was hard enough, but watch Noah mourn was heartbreaking for me.
      I can sympathize with you, we went through the same thing.

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      My guys don't seem to care. When we lost our first 2 in 2014, no one missed a beat. I honestly didn't notice anyone missing Hudler or Maddy. And now when Tickle goes away for dog shows, the only one that seems to miss her is the Griff, and that's because she wants to wrestle all day, and Tickle is the only one that will play with her.
      Jen & Tickle!
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      I pet sit two labs earlier this summer. When describing them, the owner said, "Lazlo loves to play fetch and get belly rubs, and Oscar loves Lazlo." And it was so true! Lazlo was the older, and he was your usual, pretty bright, loving lab. Oscar was your quintessential goof ball, a Velcro lab with me, but OMG, he loved Lazlo. Whenever Lazlo moved to another room or went through the dog door to the outside, Oscar would get a panicked look and run after him. I was only with them for a week, but I would predict Lazlo would enjoy getting all the attention as an only dog, and Oscar would be bereft.
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      I've only had one pair that bonded closely my chocolate lab Hunter & black female mix lab Roxy. At the time I was working a lot and they spent most of the day together alone in my yard until I got home a few hours in evening and they came in and slept with me and then back out in the morning. We took walks together on my days off and each one would get upset if one of them went to the vet without the other.

      Roxy actually passed away on her bed at age 15 in the garage when I was at work. Took Hunter a long time to go back into the garage...After that Hunter took up howling whenever I was gone. Luckily my Dad retired shortly after that so Hunter had a new companion in him during the days that he shared until his death but that was a rough two years when he was without Roxy.

      Takoda was an only dog his first four years of life and super bonded to me. He really likes Zeke but prefers me. This dog knows what time I get off and is up on the couch in the office looking out the window for my car when I pull up. Zeke on the other hand adores Takoda. I'm trying to get Zeke to bond to me as well without making Takoda nuts, LOL. Zeke's only 4 months old so as he matures and starts training he'll get more alone time with me for longer periods. We'll be starting some more intense training soon and that's usually where the bonds start to cement as we develop a working partnership. My goal is to have both dogs bonded to me and able to keep each other company when I'm away at work etc.

      Takoda actually loves playing with Zeke and is super gentle with him but I have to be in the room. If I leave Takoda is at my heels even if the puppy is biting his tail trying to keep the play going, LOL! It's really fun watching them develop a bond and how gentle they are with each other. Takoda loves to lay on his back and have his chest rubbed and if Zeke is out and about he makes it really difficult for Takoda to do that so I know Takoda appreciates Zeke's crate time. :P The first time I walked them together last week Zeke experienced a dog barking at us through a fence and it was the first unfriendly dog he had encountered in his short life, he tucked his tail under and ran on the other side to get behind Takoda for protection was so cute.
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      Dakota, my 'soft' dog only tolerated Montana. To her he was a PITA but when he got sick the dynamic changed again. She kept more distance and the sicker he got the more distance she placed. She knew the end was near and stopped enforcing this distance rule. When I returned from the vets on the day he passed, without him she stood there with a look on her face that could only mean she knew he was not coming back. I'm sure of it. She felt my emotion and knew that he was not coming. It took days for her own sense of balance to return. Now that we have China, it is her who enjoys the company of another dog. Dakota wood be happy to have remained an only dog but there is a sense of calm between these girls. China would miss Dakota and I do think Dakota would miss China.

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      Each of ours seemed a little out of sorts except Melody. She absolutely howled when Potion passed; it was sudden and unexpected. A few days later when I was going through their toy box, tears flowing as memories flooded in, Melody sat beside me and howled more. She was so not herself we got Bandit quicker than we normally do. She was her happy self again. Archie was a little out of sorts when Mardi passed, became more clingy to me.
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      Kissing Bandit

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