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      Bending the Rules

      We've had a no dogs on the couch rule for years. Then we got Lily and its hard to interact with a dog thats only ankle high when they aren't allowed on the couch, so we bent the rules. Lily is allowed on the couch and Daisy isn't. They're both allowed to sleep on our bed so the rule is only a little unfair.

      In April we moved to a new house and our master bedroom is now right off the living room. If I sit up in my bed I can see the couch. A few months after moving in we noticed that Daisy likes to sleep on the couch. If she notices us moving, she quickly slinks off the couch. Every once in a while I wake up in the middle of the night and I notice her sleeping on the couch but I'm a sucker and instead of making her get off I kiss her head and go back to bed. I know she knows the rules, she won't dare get on the couch during the day. The other day DH confessed the other day that he lays a blanket on the couch before he goes to sleep "just in case" and that he doesn't make her get off either. So we're both suckers!

      Off to buy couch covers for my sectional, because if my 7 year old girl wants to be comfy on the couch at night, who am I to stop her?

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      Isn't it funny how they slink away, hoping you didn't see them? Sounds like Daisy's slinking days are over!

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      aww I think the best part is both you and hubby separately knew and were allowing it haha

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      House Broken
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      Doesn't she sleep with you?

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      Rules are made to be bent when it comes to couch sleeping. Definitely get couch covers. I have two sets, one ready to be washed, the other on the couch.
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