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      Spoiling the sick non-lab...

      With Wrigley being sick lately, we've rotated someone sleeping in the den with her. But she's also better enough you can't just pen her in. So it was my turn on the couch last night, woke up crowded by Labradors, no griff in sight. She's in the bedroom sleeping in the middle of my bed! LOL So what do I do? I go back to the couch. I love that dog!

      Wrigley takes a TON of pills now. It's a chore to find something to hide the pill in. I'll tell you what, if you need something "new" to try, COOKIE BUTTER. I haven't had a pill turned down yet. And the labs, who all get a taste too, act like I am feeding them the BEST stuff in the world.

      Apparently she is feeling a lot better now, she's back to doing some of her annoying Wrigley things, like knocking on my office window when she wants in. Rolling me and my desk chair away from the desk by trying to get in my lap.... THANK GOD!!!

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      Go Wrigley go!!! It feels SO GOOD when a sick dog starts to act and feel better. Hope this is a good sign you have her problem under control and does not show itself again-EVER.
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      Glad to hear she is feeling better enough to be annoying

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      Great to hear she's getting back to her normal self. Keep Mom rolling Wrigley!
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      Ahhh....so glad to hear she's feeling better.

      for letting sleeping dogs lie, as it were...
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