Stella has been on Dasuquin since August due to a TTA repair in May. In September we went on two round of antibiotic for diarrhea/ watery stool that kind of waxed and waned. During that time we switched to the soft canned food to give her stomach some relief as instructed by the vet. Also the regular vet who tested her stool, felt her abdomen etc. During mushroom season, Stella does have a tendency to try to dig for mushrooms, which make her very ill so it is not out of the ordinary for diarrhea to present itself especially now. Her most recent extensive bloodwork was also in August and everything looked good. Now, two-three weeks after the antibiotic ended, the beginning of her bowel movements are normal and the end is much softer, but not yet pudding consistency. I'm wondering if she somehow developed an allergy to the sensitive stomach formula that she's been on for the last 6 years, or if it is her vitamin causing this? Has anyone else experienced this with Dasuquin?