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    Thread: Katie Update

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      May 2014
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      Katie Update

      She is in heat so long walks are out for a while. No problem, she is still discovering her new home and yard. She's really quite clean, nothing like when Mardi was in heat. A few covers here and there (including the couch beside me) and we are good to go. She quickly discovered where the treats are kept, LOL. She also discovered the potatoes live in the pantry. Have to remember to keep that door closed.

      She followed us closely on Sunday, much more relaxed yesterday. Stayed outside with her yesterday and walked the yard so instead of a quick outside to do business, she explores more now. She's an absolute gem and her sparkling, quick smile and tail wag proves it. DH is so smitten; it's great to watch them together.

      Today, much to my joy, I had to mop of up muddy paw prints in the kitchen. It felt so good! Vacuumed too and Katie had absolutely no problem. She's so easy, so sweet. She knows "touch" which most of us call shake. Her sit and down are perfect. Wanda trained her exceptionally well. Pictures are coming; you know me - technodummy. The first rule Wanda put in place before we got her was to take plenty of pictures and share them. I am working on that diligently.

      I could already write the ultimate uplifting book about her but have to go - Katie wants to play.
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      Yay for you - go play with Katie!

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      Playing with Katie is first priority-for BOTH of you. So glad DH loves 'his' pup. After all he is the one who said what to get!!!!!
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      Great update!!!!
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      Can't wait to hear about all her adventures with you! Thanks for the update Fran

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      In heat- gosh, what a homecoming gift for you! I'm glad to hear everyone is bonding so well!

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      How sweet! Can't wait to see the pictures of Ms. Katie.

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      It nice to hear there are muddy paw prints to be cleaned up! Katie sounds like a real keeper! Enjoy.

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      May 2014
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      Muddy paw prints to mark the route to your heart.

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      yay for muddy paw prints!
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