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      How do they know what day of the week it is???

      I've been home sick since last Wednesday. It's been a boring week for me and for the dogs. Yesterday, Monday, is our regular obedience class day. Every Monday for the past 3 1/2 years, we have gone to class on a Monday. The time shifted an hour about 18 months ago, otherwise, same place, same instructor.

      Even though I finally got the boys out yesterday afternoon -- after 5 days of house arrest -- by backing up to a field and letting them out then throwing the ball for them for 30 minutes, at 7pm, when we are usually getting ready to head out the door (we leave at 7:15pm for an 8pm class), Linus jumped off the sofa, crawled into my lap with hind end on the floor, started yawning, licking my face and climbing on me. Generally harassing me. When I didn't get up, he gave up after about 10 minutes and pouted on the floor.

      Time of day, I can see. Day of week? How???

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      So used to the routine. Don't know how they do it but they sure do.
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      They know. Grace knew the difference between Saturday and Sunday. Sunday's she got to come up for breakfast with us.

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